8. Victorian Period


  1. Victorian Period

    1) Prose become the major genre in this period because of the success of the novels of Sir Walter Scott. His great series of Waverly Novels, published between 1814 and 1832, became best-sellers all over the world. They created a fashion for the series novel, published in monthly parts. This fashion went on for most of the rest of the century.

    2) ‘didactic novel’ means, a novel that aims to teach us something. Didactic works often have morals to impart or are written to teach us something about religion, philosophy, history, or politics. Charles Dickens is the most productive writer of didactic novel in Victorian era.

    3) It is called satire because the title is almost the word ‘nowhere’ backwards, and the characters also have backwards names like Yram (Mary) and Mr.Nosnibor (Robinson) The novel is one of the most unusual observations of what was wrong with Victorian society.

  2. Dear all,
    After studying the “Victorian Period”, answer of each of the following questions briefly but concisely.Answer each of the following questions briefly but concisely.

    1. Why did prose become the major genre in this period?

    2. What does ‘didactic novel’ mean? Who is the most productive writer of didactic novel in Victorian era?

    3. Why is Samuel Buttler Yeat’s “Erewhon” called a satire?

    Good luck!

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    1. Beowulf

    Beowulf is a poem that came from Scandinavia, but is not known when the poem was composed. The poem is related to Christianity. The poem was modified from several poets from age to age. The results of these copies are known to Anglo-Saxon England. Some experts argued that the poem was made in the late 10th century. Beowulf is a classic story that contains a good over evil. The poem was opened in Denmark, where there is Grendel is terrorizing the kingdom at that time. The prince Beowulf Geatish help them with a group of soldiers. Beowulf and Grendel held a gun battle in the end the monster’s arm ripped off. There are a lot of joy among the Danes at that time. Grendel’s loathsome mother takes her revenge, and makes a brutal attack upon the king’s hall. Beowulf seeks out the hag in her underwater lair, and slays her after an almighty struggle. Once more there is much rejoicing, and Beowulf is rewarded with many gifts. The poem is more famous after 50 years later. Now the king of Geats, its own territory is faced with a raging dragon that has been keeping the hoard. Beowulf enters the dragon mound and kill the enemy before he himself was mortally wounded. Beowulf is buried by the king’s funeral, and became a lamentation of the dead hero.

    Beowulf is a story related to the Sociological on the life of the state. Beowulf is a good leader for Denmark and its power can be spread. Because of his power spread, she eventually became famous. He did not enjoy his position but he have the king sebgai guilt over his betrayal of Hrothgar.

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    2. Cynewulf’s The Dream of the Rood

    The Dream of the Rood is one of the central documents in the ancient English Literature. Vision and mission of poetry is not known exactly when made but the scholars agree that the most probable date of composition was during the 8th century. This rhyming poetry is consist of sadness. The themes of The Dream of the Rood is a representation of the crucifixion as a battle. It is about the crucifixion of Christ, which ended with the victory. In some churches would know this story because the story is very well known in Christian circles. Crucifixion is a process in which a person was tortured so painful that he eventually experience death. However, there is the resurrection of Christ as experienced by the end of the victory. The struggle of the crucifixion until he got a victory.

    This story is associated with a religious story that can be seen as a symbol of the crucifixion of Christ for Christians in England. This story is very interesting for the church to be able to feel the Christ who died and rose eventually. His resurrection is a victory for us. This certainly adds to our insight as Christians.

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    3. Edmund Spenser’s Faery Queen

    Faery Queen is an allegory in the form of poetry written by Edmund Spenser. In the Faery Queen there are several figures in which each character is told to have a special meaning. The fisrt half was published in 1950. A second installment was published in 1596. This poem tells about the sanctity and holiness associated with prosperity in the life of the Christian religion. In the first and third books, the author of two knights named describe Redcrosse and Britomart. Redcrosse is the knight of Holiness, which is like the Apostle Peter, in his ministry to the Lord, he faced many difficulties and problems but it all can make itself as a religious person. In his demonstration, he was united degan Una, which means truth. These include the sanctity of truth that can be achieved through the truth of the Christian life. In different ways, Britomart learns about the love of a Christian: moderation. Redcrossse illustrates shows a result of an unholy life that comes from yourself. The theme of the book to the first and third books are good Christian that can be changed by increasing the good and reduce bad thing. Spenser argued that human character is actually good.

    The poem Celebrates, memorializes, and critiques the Tudor Dynasty (of the which Elizabeth was a part), much in the tradition of Virgil’s Aeneid’s celebration of Augustus Caesar’s Rome. Like the Aeneid, the which states That Augustus descended from the noble sons of Troy, The Faerie Queene Suggests That the Tudor lineage can be connected to King Arthur. In relation to politics, at that time was the hostility between religion and politics. Poetry criticism raised above the level of the propagandists. This poem tells how the crime happened in the Catholic church in which there is corruption. This is contrary to the moral good in man. This poem consists of an allusive allegorical poems in which the character is portrayed Queen Elizabeth I who was instrumental in England. Elizabeth is a frequent example, the Gloriana. The political allegory is often heard in the Elizabeth complex. While the moral allegory is a very consistent and associated with the most clear and accessible.

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    4. Christopher Marlowe’s Dr. Faustus

    Doctor Faustus is written by Christopher Marlowe.Doctor Faustus was first published in 1604, eleven years after Marlowe’s death and at least twelve years after the first performance of the play. Doctor Faustus is a character who has the role of children of parents who are on the lower classes. In the field of education, he holds a doctor who has the ability. He argues that the logic is something that people use to argue. According to him, divinity is useless because he thinks that all men must have sinned and thus spake to have sins’ punishable by death complicates the logic of Divinity. He dismisses it as “What doctrine call you this? Que sera, sera” (What will be, shall be). Then, he asked Wagner to call Valdes and Cornelius. They both are very famous magicians. Valdes said that if Faustus wants to have magic, so he should not learn other things. Eventually, Faustus can summon demons, that is Lucifer. After he learned the vicious circle and say the incantation, he saw the devil that appear suddenly. The devil is Mephistophilis. Mephistophilis are followers of Lucifer, and he was always serving Lucifer. Mephistophilis tells about the history of Lucifer and other devils. He also said that has no circumference. It is more of a state of mind than a physical location. The theme of this story is a sin. Of this story can be found that Faustus has the wrong mindset. He is a greedy person. He begins by making a pact with the devil when he fell and trust magic.

    In the perspective historical, the main thought in this story is someone who has knowledge that it can make him think about magic and other mysteries. Marlowe attract significant attention to the feelings experienced by both himself and other thinkers of his day. Marlowe’s Faustus character describes as being a slave to Satan. Faustus can think about good and evil will do something. However, in the end he chose to meet the needs of crime is mortal. In conjunction with the religious, who had fallen into the sin still has a forgiveness that is converted. Faustus knows exactly where things are good and evil, but he was unable to control himself so he went into a bad thing to seek pleasure duniawi.meskipun he knew the consequences that have received if he followed the crime, but he is still choosing evil.

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    5. Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

    Romeo and Julliet is written by William Shakespeare. It is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare. It is the most popular stories. Events in this story started when Romeo met Juliet. Once they meet each other, the feeling of love between them. They fell in love at first sight. They expressed their feelings of love on the balcony. They decide to get married and plan it out. They were married. The rising action continues through the marriage, and the separation. The theme is about love. This play is known for love as many phrases from this play have become famous for the expressions of love. This story describes two people who love each other who never surrendered to the state. They do any way that love can be together. Mercutio Benvolio says that Tybalt has sent a letter to Romeo Montague and bring to a duel. When Romeo appears, Mercutio makes a lot of crude jokes, and Romeo, too. There is a nurse who said that the wedding would take place that afternoon at Friar Lawrence. Romeo and Juliet meet at Friar Lawrence and they are going to get married. However, her mother wants Juliet to marry Paris. Finally, she decided to drink the poison because he refuses to marry Paris. However, Romeo saw the incident and he drank the poison as well. Juliet suddenly woke up and he sees that Romeo is dead. As a result, he was killing himself.

    These stories have the relationship with sociological because these events related to the family who just wants Juliet to marry with Paris. This can be an example for the community about the tragic events of the wedding.

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