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  1. Dear Sir,

    I am very sorry for the delay of the final term of CCU, my only child has just back from hospital since the 4 of September, i can’t think just my child in my mine, i am hoping you can understand, thank you sir

    American and Indonesian Culture

    American culture is made up of multi culture race, different skin color, different tribes and religion, Their motto that the culture is to be best and do the best from the day to day so they could became the superpower state, With this principle that is recognize there is no caste in American culture, American culture also build from the British and the Indian as the native tribes. Hard work and high work ethic and not easily discourage despite repeatedly experienced failure will be encountered, American country there are good things that have positive and negative value, example of negative value is Freedom is a lot going on is free sex level.Positive value is the progress of technology, many people believe the United States as Pioneer of progress all field

    After word war II, West Blocks lead by United States and East Blocks by Uni soviet, Both State compete to become a leader of the world in West Block developing capitalism and democracy, In Eastern developing by Communism and socialist and the Third Blocks come from Asia, Africa and Indonesia emeterde the nature of capitalism and liberalism, Morally is slowly changing eroding the character and attitude of the nation. The soul Spirit of Pancasila fade replaced in the locker(replaced) with the spirit of trade- effectiveness and creative together competitive, Change to continue to explore and invest openly finally birth the regulation and privatization, The increase of production leads to economic growth a long with it them so was born the culture of corruption and the entrenched bureaucracy.
    opening of the faucet wide investment in Indonesia caused this country that originally idealist and nationalist and have familiar trait that eventually turned into a global society that causes changes to the character and behavior as a one of the negative effects that occur are happy to pretend, For fear that harm will reward by self, Lazy and irresponsible in making decisions, Impatient easily jealous, Weak in defending the faith, Spirit very close to nature,superstitious and like objects like they God,had a feudalistic spirit that weak to serve as a Maid also love to praise and scare to be critic.

    All errors are the fault of the leader of countries that are bot capable of making the people independent it mean cannot be a master in his country, At the past national revival 1908 “Sumpah Pemuda” 1928, The revolution for the independence 1945 already exist in the country. The culture value and Patriotic of the founder of this nation is finally beginning to dissipate.

    Mobility in America

    Is clear that there is substantial mobility-both short term and long term over an overage life cyclamen in United States. The studies reviewed above suggest that approximately one quarter to one third of the population moves into a new income and quin tile in as any given year, Given a longer time horizon and even greater percentage of individual switch income quartiles-perhaps slightly less than one-half over a five year period and about 60 percent over a 10 period . At the a same time however there is a little evidence this mobility has changed substantially overtime, This indicates that the recent increases in inequality have not been offset increase in mobility, The disparity in economic reward to every one in the population. There is also no evidence that mobility is significantly different in United States than it is other countries, This suggest that the United States has not only the highest year to year inequality in the industrialized world, But Also like a has the highest lifetime inequality among similar country.

    Overall, Therefore, It is possible that one cause of the increased in public discontent in United States is the growth in the inequality economic reward unaccompanied by any increase in the accessibility of those reward to worker, An additional factor that many affect public attitudes is the extent to which mobility for young individual today compares to that of previous generation as well as how much their current standing is independent of their parent, We turn our n attention to these question to these question in the next brief in this service.

    Mobility In Indonesia

    Mobility in Indonesia is the part of the over all development process because mobility into the causes and effect of changes in economic and social structure. In Indonesia motivation for moving residential in hold their places of origin due to displacement of individual factor or because of political factors, Because there are economic factor that depressed individuals are voluntary planning voluntary planning immigration, the population has accounted for many losses or risk before deciding to move or to settle.

    Conformity in America

    The national conformity assessment in principle for United States that will allow consumer, buyer, seller, regulator and other interested parties to have confidence in the process of providing conformity assessment while avoiding the creation of unnecessary barriers to trade. The principles are based on the conformity assessment language in the agreement on technical barriers to trade, One of agreement with in the world trade organization (WTO) this principles supplement the language of the agreement to give additional clarity and focus to conformity assessment in the United States. The concise and clear presentation of these principles is intended to promote national and international understanding and recognition of competently conducted conformity assessment process resulting in increased acceptance in vital to the United States as well as to the protection of human health, safety and the environment, Because all conformity assessment activities is intend to be companion to the principle of the United States standard system as standard strategy, these two document should be consider together in the evaluation of standards and conformity assessment activities and related issues.

    Conformity in Indonesia

    To Participate the globalization era and international free trade, The national accreditation body of Indonesian (KAN) always full fill the up to date international requirements especially to guide requirement (Kan) has responsible to develop a national accreditation scheme in Indonesia and to accredit government or private bodies/institution/laboratories which have full filled the specified requirement and issued valid certificate
    1. Quality management system certification bodies (QMS)
    2. Environmental management system certification bodies
    3. Product certification bodies
    4. Personal certification bodies

    American Creed

    ” I believe in United States of American as government of the people, whose just power are derived from the consent of the governed; a democracy in a republic a sovereign nation of many people sovereign people states; a perfect union one and inseparable establishment upon those principle of freedom, equality, justice, and humanity for which American patriots sacrificed their lives and fortune
    In a Nation wide essay contest was held to develop an American’s creed.
    The winning entry was Submitted by William Tyler page of friendship heights , Maryland, Mr. Page was a descendent of president John Tyler and a former congressman John page who served in the house of representative from 1789 – 1792

    Defines; what it means to be American both the need for faith i who and what we are as a nation and the responsibility we all have to love and respect our nation and its flag, Its massage is appropriate for each generation of American but becomes even more meaningful when we understand the historical context of its origin written during a time of conflict and turmoil at hone and broad

    Indonesian Creed

    Indonesia has Pancasila as five principles of the states and also the symbol of the country in which there are societal , value and norms.
    Indonesia also has Bhineka Tunggal Ika which means is different but unity it means that Indonesia consist of many different ethnic group but Indonesia has one purposes and that is still one union. And more important thing is to have the oath of Indonesia youth “Sumpah Pemuda”

    Along with the development of existing value espoused increasingly faded at this point and many people do not understand the meaning and the history so that they are consider to be important in they view is simply that Pancasila realy as major project at the new order of goverment where every meeting or renewal must be based upgrading P4 pattern 45 Hours not to mention there is a course student pf ” manliness

    Population movement due to duress caused by natural disaster or politic area conflict . To Prevent failure of the migration is done by some permanent member of working outside the region country. Economic factor in Indonesia became the driving of mobility then population movement basedf on the reason for seeking a better life both for one self and family is nothing but a more economically than their places of origin,

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