The Majority of teachers disapproved of Minister Nadiem’s plan to implement “hybrid learning”

On 2-3 July 2020, various online dailies, such as Kompas,Tribun NewsKontan, and Idonews, reported the plan of the Minister of Education and Culture Nadiem Makarim to implement hybrid learning permanently after the Covid-19 pandemic. Minister Nadiem proposed the plan at a meeting with Commission X of the House of Representatives on Thursday, July 2, 2020. It was proposed based on the idea that technology use in learning provides many benefits, including the opportunities for schools to implement various learning models and to operate with various efficiency. The plan is also supported by the fact that the online learning implemented during the Covid-19 pandemic had eventually driven teachers, students, and parents to adapt and utilize technology to support learning. The result was admittedly not yet satisfactory, but it was mainly due to the lack of preparation since the plague emerged suddenly and face-to-face learning could not be done.

On Saturday, July 4th, 2020, the news about the plan was posted in various teachers’ FaceBook Groups (FBG) and the post was immediately commented on by many members of each FBG. These spontaneous comments are interesting to analyze because they can be used to portray teachers’ perceptions and attitudes toward the plan. This article analyzes the comments to see the portion of teachers who approved, rejected, and were neutral (abstain) and find out the reasons underlying the acceptance or rejection. The results were hopefully beneficial to inform stakeholders in making the necessary follow-up decisions and to provide basic information for further research.

To attain the purpose, all comments posted throughout Saturday, July 4, 2020, in two teachers’ FBGs were copied and used as the corpus. The two FBGs were selected as the sources of data because each of them has a large number of members (over 100,000) and the members are lived in various regions of Indonesia. The two FBGs were deliberately kept anonymous to guarantee confidentiality.
Since the data used in this article are the comments of teachers obtained from only two FBGs, the results probably do not represent the attitudes of all teachers throughout Indonesia. However, since the commentators are teachers living in various regions in Indonesia, the analysis result can, at least, provide an initial overview of Indonesian teacher’s attitude towards the plan for implementing hybrid learning in Indonesian schools.

Agreement, Disagreement, and abstention

The comments collected throughout Saturday, July 4 2020 from the two FBGs are 174 items. By assuming that one comment was given by one teacher, the number of teacher participants in this analysis is also 174. The length of the comments is varied. The shortest comment consists of two words, while the longest is 110 words. After all the comments were classified, it was found that 157 (90%) teachers disagreed; 15 (9%) agreed, and 1 (1%) was neutral towards the Minister of Education and Culture’s plan …

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