The Flipped Classroom Use in EFL Learning and Teaching

English Education Department (Pend. Bhs. Inggris) UKI

Situjuh Nazara

Universitas Kristen Indonesia


The flipped classrooms implementation has been one of
the most rapidly emerging trends in the adaptation of ICT into EFL classroom. Numerous studies focusing on the flipped
classroom implementation in EFL field have indicated its big potentials to
address problems raised within EFL classes as well as to facilitate students’
different learning styles. However, since this instructional approach is
relatively new, it is not yet widely implemented. This article
reviews and synthesizes current studies results and ideas of flipped classroom
to portray its nature and use in the EFL field.

Keywords: flipped classrooms, constructivist, bloom’s taxonomy EFL, ICT

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accelerant penetration of the internet into nearly all aspects of human life
has changed the way people communicate, work, learn, and spend free time. As a
result, the demand for ICT keeps on increasing, and ICT providers continue to

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