Seeing Action Research Process in a Practice

English Language Education (ELE) UKI

Parlindungan Pardede

Universitas Kristen Indonesia


AR has long been well-known as one of the best teacher professional development tool. It can be effectively used by teachers to observe, collect, and analyze information about their teachings so that they can minimize their weaknesses and increase their strengths. However, most educators, including EFL teachers, are reluctant to conduct AR because of, among others, its cyclical nature and recurring steps that often emerge uncertainty and disorientation. This article attempts to show that AR process is not as complicated as it seems by presenting the concepts establishing the general process and 14 specific steps of AR and shows how each step is implemented in an AR study.

Keywords:action research, four stages cycle, EFL

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Action Research (AR) has been known as an impressive toolfor teachers to advance their skills and knowledge for improving their students’ achievement through their…

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