Integrated Skills Approach in EFL Classrooms: A Literature Review

English Language Education (ELE) UKI

Integrated Skills Approach in EFL Classrooms: A Literature Review

Parlindungan Pardede

Universitas Kristen Indonesia


The integrated-skills approach, which
incorporates listening, speaking, reading, and writing, has become a new trend
in EFL contexts because it is believed an effective approach to develop
students’ communicative competence and the ability to use English to gain
access to social, vocational, educational, or professional opportunities. Different from the traditional
segregated language skills approach which presented
a language skill in isolation from the others, the integrated-skills approach presents all language skills in conjunction with each other so that the learners do not only
knows the language they are learning but also are able to use it natural
communication. This article reviews current studies and ideas related to integrated
skills approach in order to provide a more vivid understanding of its implementation
in EFL contexts.

Keywords: integrated-skills approach, content-based language teaching, task-based language teaching…

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