ICT Use in EFL Classroom

English Language Education (ELE) UKI

Situjuh Nazara


Universitas Kristen Indonesia


Current accelerating technological advancement has increased the use of ICT in EFL learning and teaching due to the new opportunities they offer to increase the effectiveness of the learning and teaching process. This article reviews and synthesizes current studies and ideas on the use of ICT in EFL learning and teaching to present a general introduction to the what, why, and how of ICT use in EFL learning and teaching field. Overall, the discussion reveals that ICT use is beneficial to both EFL learners and teachers, because ICT tools can nurture knowledge selection and creation, collaboration, and reflection, and can make lessons more interesting, enjoyable, diverse, motivating and supportive. However, ICT use needs careful planning, well-defined objectives, and good guidance to the students to prevent the practice be a waste of time and effort.

Keywords: ICT, EFL learning and teaching, web-based learning

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