Factors Attributed to Contradictory Research Findings in Print Reading vs. Digital Reading Effectiveness: A Literature Review

English Education Department (Pend. Bhs. Inggris) UKI


As a result of the accelerating advancement of technology, the use of digital texts rapidly increases in all levels of education. This trend can be advantageous to EFL learners because digital texts provide them with rich comprehensible inputs they do not receive from their daily life environment. However, current studies showed contradictory results concerning the effect of print reading versus digital reading to reading comprehension. Some showed print reading superiority, some showed no significant difference, and some others showed digital reading superiority. This might cause teachers uncertain whether they should facilitate digital reading to their students or not. This article analyzes 20 recent studies showing the inconsistent results to see the possible factors attributed to the inconsistency. Two types of factors attributed to the contradictory results are identified. First, the varieties of the designs of the study, including the heterogeneity of the subjects’…

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