Employing Music and Songs in EFL Classrooms

English Education Department (Pend. Bhs. Inggris) UKI

Parlindungan Pardede


Universitas Kristen Indonesia


effectiveness of using music and songs to promote language learning has long
been acknowledged. However, they are still underutilized in EFL classrooms due
to the overemphasis of EFL learning objective on meeting the students’
particular, practical, and occupational needs, teachers’ uncertainty about the
power of music and songs to boost EFL learning, and teachers’ lack of practical
ideas to use them. This article reviews and synthesizes current ideas and
studies concerning the what, why and how of using music and songs to facilitate
language learning in EFL classroom.

Keywords: EFL learning and teaching, music, songs,

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Music and songs are probably the most
effective elements of culture teachers and learners can use to enhance English
as a foreign language (EFL) learning due to many reasons. First, they are
universal and an integral part of people’s daily life…

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