The Effect of Using Short Stories on Secondary School Students’ Critical Reading

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English Language Education (ELE) UKI

The Effect of Using Short Stories onSecondary School Students’ Critical Reading


Christian University of Indonesia Jakarta, Indonesia


Critical reading skills are very important in both academic and everyday lives. These skills enable individuals to detect bias, prejudice, misleading opinion, and illogical conclusions, in any oral or written discourse. English education, therefore, should contribute to the development of students’ critical reading skills. This study aimed at investigating whether or not short stories use effects students’ critical reading skills. It focused on comparing between short stories and non-literary texts in developing critical reading. The participants were sixty-fourteenth-grade English as a Foreign Language (EFL) students dividing into two groups: an experimental group and a control group. Short stories were used to teach the experimental group, whereas non-literary texts were used to teach the control group. To achieve the goal, data was collected using a critical reading test. The findings…

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