ELT Research Proposal Writing Guidelines

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English Education Department (Pend. Bhs. Inggris) UKI

ELT Research Proposal Writing Guidelines

Parlindungan Pardede


Universitas Kristen Indonesia


To undergraduate or post-graduate students, writing a research proposal is compulsory because it is the main academic document used to justify their ability to present a case converted into an idea and the plan proposed to resolve it. The quality of a research proposal will determine whether or not the students will gain approval to conduct the research required to complete their study. This article aimed to discuss a research proposal components and provide some tips for writing a sound proposal. Although all research proposals basically have a generic nature, different disciplines, advisors, and committees can expect to vary. Thus, the research proposals are various from one discipline to another and from one committee to another. This article focuses on the undergraduate research proposal for ELT. The style and examples used in the discussion are typical of ELT…

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