Translation 1 Final Assignment

Translation 1 Final Assignment


To finish the class of Translation 1, you should accomplish both the following group and individual assignments. All the assignment should be submitted by January 21, 2017 at 16:00 p.m.

Group Assignment

Revise all the translation of fables you had done in 2nd Group Assignment (, 3rd Group Assignment ( and 4th Group Assignment ( Thus, every group should revise three fables. After revising them, print each in interesting lay out. Use your creativity to make the print-out eye catching and easy but interesting to read. Feel free to use any relevant pictures as an illustration. My work on The Lion and the Mouse you can download from the following link can be used as a sample.

Individual Assignment

Translate the article assigned to you in the following list into good Indonesian. Click the link provided to get the article. Finishing the translation, print it in double spaces  using A4 paper.

1. Yashinta Tri Wulandari

Dean Vaksman’s Keep These 8 Tips In Mind If You Want To Achieve Anything In Life

2. Retta Mestika Ompusunggu

Lewis Humpries’ How To Get Yourself Highly Motivated All the Time By Using This Golden Rule

3. Lidia Pangaribuan

Kerry Petsinger’s How to Develop a Mindset for Success

4. Rachel K. Saiselar

Sean Kim’s The 10 Proven Habits of the Happiest People In The World

5. Cahaya Novita

Lim Kairen’s 8 Things Successful People Do To Keep Themselves Motivated All The Time

 6. Ester Sihombing

Joseph Summers’ When You Drink Water On An Empty Stomach After Waking Up, These 8 Amazing Things Will Happen

 7. Alicia Beatrik Gloria. H

Micael Cinquino’s The Secret to Attracting Anything You Want in Life

8. Bella Christie Tarigan

Max Feller’s 5 Simple Steps to Get Motivated When You’re in A Rut

9. Morina Faraera Br Sitanggang

Sean Kim’s 8 Life-Changing Skills You Can Learn in Less Than 6 Months

10. Jessy D. Hutahaean

Melissa Gishnock’s 15 Habits That Put You On The Fast Track To Success

11. Epelin Tampubolon

Amy Johnson’s Removing These 8 Things From Life Can Make You More Successful

12. Herlialan Purba

Nick Darlington’s What You’ll Never Hear Successful People Saying

13. Theresia Servia

Heather McCless’ How to Be Happy: 12 Things You Should Do Today

 14. Septiana Nainggolan

Jenny Marchall’s How To Celebrate Small Wins To Achieve Big Goals

15. Pricelia Atika Suri Hutagalung

Sean Gonzalez’ The Single Biggest Regret People Have In Their Lives

 16. Istisopia Lumban Gaol

Esteve Almirall’s 10 Quotes That Will Make You Believe in Yourself Again

17. Franky Albert W.

Nicole Mormann’s 10 Quotes You Should Adopt in Your Everyday Life

19. Happy Sandiro Natalia

Esther Rivers’ Do You Prefer Mountains or Beaches? Study Says It Reveals Your Personality

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