Cases for Writing a Research Plan

Cases for Writing a Research Plan

To fulfill your mid-term requirement in attending the Research in ELT class, choose one of the following cases and develop it to be a sound research plan. Write it using the Research Plan Guidelines. To get an example, please click here to download the research plan entitled The Effect of Using Facebook to Students’ Vocabulary Learning Achievement.

The Cases

  1. Mr. Tono, an English teacher of to the eleventh grade students at a senior high school in Jakarta, knows there some approaches he can use to teach writing. Among these, ELT theory depicts that the most common are the product approach and the process approach. Mr. Tono would like to know which is most effective to writing skill to his students, the product approach or the process approach. To achieve his objective he decided to conduct a research. Please write a sound research plan to help Mr. Tono.
  2. Current theory in EFL writing emphasizes the importance of feedback in learning writing. Research findings indicated that providing feedback to students, in the form of written commentary, error correction, teacher-student conferencing, or peer discussion, is a central aspect of EFL writing programs across the world. Feedback can provide learners the guidance and assurance that they are on the right track and offer indications of which track to get on if they are not. However, different student may perceive the feedback provision in different way. Some students probably respond positively and some others, negatively. Realizing this, Miss Ellen, an English teacher of the ninth graders at SMP Patriot Jakarta who has practice providing feedback to her students’ works for one semester is now eager to know whether her students perceive the practice positively or negatively. Write a sound research plan to help Miss Ellen.
  3. Mr. Johan has just attended a conference in which he learned that learning the English popular songs can improve one’s English pronunciation. Mr. Johan knows that many of his students in SMA Mentari love singing English pop songs. This motivates him to investigate whether this hobby of singing English pop songs correlate with the English pronunciation skills. Write a sound research plan to help Mr. Johan so that he can conduct the research well.

Style, Layout, and Format

Use the following style, layout, and format for printing the final research plan.

1. Front Cover
Just use a standard white HVS paper for the cover. No need to use coated paper for this. All text on the front cover is centered vertically and horizontally. Put UKI’s logo (height= 1.5″ and width= 2.26″ cm) on top. Look at the sample provided here.

2. Paper Size
Use quarto/letter paper (21.59 cm x 27.94 cm)

3. Page layout
• Left margin: 4 cm
• Right margin: 3 cm
• Top margin: 4 cm
• Bottom margin: 3 cm

4. Page numbering
All pages are numbered at the top right, except the first page. There should be 3 cm of white space from the top of the page number to the top of the paper, and 2 cm of white space from the bottom of the page number to the bottom of the paper for the first page.

5. Spacing
All pages are single sided. Text is double-spaced, except for long quotations and the reference list–in which every entry is single-spaced but one entry to another double spaced. (Click here to see a reference list sample). There is one blank line between a section heading and the text that follows it.

6. Spacing after Punctuation
Space once after all punctuation. This includes using one space (not two!) following punctuation marks at the ends of sentences.

7. Alignment, justification, and Paragraph Indentation
All texts (except those in the title page) should be aligned left and justified to create a clean look along the left and right side of the page. Every first line of all paragraph should be indented 5 to 7 spaces.

8. Font face and size
Use Times New Roman. The same font must be used throughout the manuscript, except tables and graphs may use a different font. The font size should be 12 points throughout the manuscript.

Deadline for submitting the revised paper is May 5, 2014, 11:00 to 12:00 a.m.

Good luck!


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