Mid-Term Prose Assignment

Dear all attendees of Prose Class (Term 2 2013/2014),

The following is the list of short story each of you should analyze for the mid term assignment. Write your analysis using the following guidelines:

1.   Focus the analysis on an element of the short story (plot, character,theme, setting, or style). Read The Plot of Buckley’s “Gold-Mounted Gun”, Stylistic analysis of O’ Henry’s “The Furnished Room”, The Main Theme of Graham Greene’s “The Third Man”, Analysis of Setting in Fay Weldon’s “IND AFF”,Point of View Analysis of “A Rose for Emily”, Analysis of Setting in the Story of “An Hour” and “Popular Mechanics” and Stylistic Analysis of Esberger’s “The Winpress” in order to get insights how to write your analysis.

2.      Anytime you cite someone’s idea, make sure you include the sources and list them in the references section.

3.      Use APA Style for citing and referencing (For a practical guide, see: APA Referencing Style)

4.      Write in continuous essay (minimize numbering and prevent using dots)

5.      Make sure every paragraph of yours meets the features of a good paragraph (see: Paragraph Definition and Elements)

6.      Use grammatical and effective sentences

7.      Type using Times New Roman 12″ Font

8.      Print the work in quarto paper

9.      Use the following outline:

·         Title
·         Introduction
·         Analysis
1. Synopsis
2. (Body of Analysis)
·         Conclusion
·         References

Short Stories List

  1. El Febriana F.W. –> Amrbose Bierce’s A Horseman in the Sky
  2. Wisnu Tri Utami –> Aaron Hellem’s Far From the Eyes of the Sun
  3. Natalia Christiany –> Leo Tolstoy’s What men Live By
  4. Elizabeth Rara D. –> O. Henry’s The Skylight Room
  5. Yora Octoviora –>T.S. Arthur’s An Angel in Disguise
  6. Kristina Dyah Ayu –> Anton Chekov’s Gooseberries
  7. Leni Herlina –> Stephen Crane’s A Dark Brown Dog
  8. Luri Rahayu –> Katherine Mansfield’s Miss Brill
  9. Cornelia M.E. –> Leo Tolstoy’s After the Dance
  10. Evangeline Ht. Barat –> Yiyun Li’s A Man Like Him
  11. Luciana Christina –>  Katherine Mansfield’s An Ideal Family
  12. Sugandi R. –> Anton Chekhov’s A Father
  13. Ahmad M. –> Leo Tolstoy’s There are No Guilty People
  14. Neni Heryani –> Anton Chekhov’s At Christmas Time
  15. Lestari Damayanti –>  O Henry’s What You Want
  16. Adesinta Glory –> Katherine Mansfield’s The Garden Party

The paper should be submitted by March 22, 2014.

Good luck!

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