Individual Poetry Analysis

Dear all attendees of Literature I,

As I told you in the class on Saturday, March 1, 2014, everyone should write an individual analysis to be presented on Saturday, March 8, 2014. in the analysis, include the general meaning, detailed meaning, intention, connotation, imagery, and figurative language. However, you don’t need to put sub-headings. Just write in continuous essay form, like what I did in Meeting at Night or I wandered Lonely as a Cloud. Write using Times New Roman 12″ in double spaces. Print your work in quarto paper.

Good luck!

Here are the list of the poem to analyze:

  1. Gita Sagita –> Robert Herrick’s To Daffodils
  2. Zuky –> Maya Angelou’s I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings
  3. Jolanda Talahatu –> Paul Laurence Dunbar’s We Wear the Mask
  4. Irma Astuti –> Sherbanu Molu’s Happiness
  5. Carla Valentine –> Amy Lowell’s A Little Song
  6. Renita P. Aster –> Langston Hughes’ Mother to Son
  7. Tiffany Michelle –> William Wordsworth’s Beggars
  8. Mangaraja F.S. –> Christina Georgina Rossetti’s Wife to Husband
  9. Fitriawaty –> Cecilia Woloch’s My Mother’s Pillow
  10. Astri Julianti S. –> Mary Mapes Dodge’s Taking Time to Grow
  11. Lolin Nilam S. –> Laurence Alma-Tadema’s If No One Ever Marries Me
  12. Vivi Budiman –> Langston Hughes’ The Negro Speaks of Rivers
  13. Selawati Pasaribu –> Robert Herrick’s To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time






  1. Happiness
    Happiness is a deep feeling,
    All the sorrows that are healing,
    Makes you feel alright,
    Although you recently had a fight,

    It helps you to see the happier side of life,
    But usually sorrows cut like a knife,
    Many things that you felt were rude,
    They spoil your happy mood,

    Smiling is the first step of happiness,
    Laughing is the second step of happiness,
    Screaming is the highest step towards happiness,
    Frowning is surely not enjoying happiness,

    Flying, high above the sky,
    Oh! my,
    This is what happiness is all about,
    I’ll tell you later what happiness can bring about….

    Name: Irma Astuti
    NIM: 1212150016
    Title: Happiness
    Author: SherbanuMolu
    I will explain the contents of the poem with title happiness. In the first and second stanza contains cherish happiness, the author tells us that the more we feel sorrow or sadness then also increasing our happiness.
    For the third stanza of the steps to achieve happiness. And the higher step to be happy is when we shout it as though sorrow there will be lost and our feelings of relief and happiness will be come.
    And the last poem the author tell that he wants to fly high into the sky, it means that when we fly to heaven’s happiness no tone aka exhausted, and we will not feel sorrow again.
    After read the poetry happiness, the author hope people know happiness can be came from sadness or happiness. If someone fell very sadness or bad experience, someone will be felt and commend happiness. This poetry to tell for sadness peoples.
    Imagery: no
    Connotation: no
    Simile : sorrow cut like a knife.

    So, I agree with this poem, because in this poem is a feeling of deep happiness. Happiness can be seen when we’re feeling grief. But sometimes grief tearing or cutting happiness. I mean eliminating a sense of happiness. In this poem explained about the steps to be able to make people happy, that is the first step, with a smiling, laughing, and shouting. But if there are people who frowned it shows happiness. Here, the author speculates could fly high into the sky and the authorwants to show to the reader all about happiness, because happiness can be expressed with different attitudes.

  2. Name: Zuky
    Nim: 1212150007
    Subject: Poetry (Analysis)

    I Know Why the Caged Birds Sings

    The general meaning of “I Know Why the Caged Birds Sings” is a poem about the oppressing effect of racism and segregation.

    The detailed meaning about the poem is talk about two different societies that lived in different place. One lived in the caged with so many problems and wanted a freedom, in this poem was the black skin people. The other society lived freely, in this poem was the white skin people. In this poem, the author Maya Angelo used the word “bird” expressed the different society. The beginning of the poem depicts the freedom and happiness of a bird soaring over the water with the blazing sun, care-free and content. This bird meant to represent the superior group of white people. The bird in the caged also representing the black people who wanted a freedom. The” bird” trying to spread its wings and become something more than its captivity allows, but the cage making it impossible. Even though, the birds were not just silent with the unfair life, but it dared enough to sing, so its voice can be heard everywhere.
    My intention to this poem is there is always a hope in unfair life, we just need to work hard and brave enough to get the freedom. Just like Maya Angelou who described herself as the caged bird. She gave hope and encouraged those black people by
    wrote this poem. It also describe Maya Angelo who brave enough to speak up in the crowd when she saw something wrong had happened.

    The language

    1. Imagery
    • Leaps on the back of the wind
    Dips his wings in the orange sun rays
    Maya enriched the readers’ senses to reflect on thought of being free and alive.
    • But a bird that stalks
    Down his narrow cage
    Can seldom see through
    His bars of rage
    Maya helped the readers felt the anger and frustration that the caged bird feels. We also can felt the cold metal bars that confine the caged bird.
    • And the fat worms waiting on a down-bright lawn
    Maya used fat worms described the big opportunities.
    • But the caged bird that stands on the grave of dreams
    His shadow shouts on a nightmare scream
    Through that stanza, we could hear a fear, the lonely and distraught caged bird. The bird was screaming because of the loneliness and hopeless situation the bird was in.
    • And his tune is heard
    On the distant hill
    For the caged bird
    sings of freedom
    In this stanza, Maya helped the readers knew the bird’s heart. It knew it would never be free, but it belt out it song loud, so all its pain could be heard. It sang from distant hill, which was meaning so far away.

    2. Connotation

    Maya Angelou used some connotation words in her poem, such as:

    • Cage = bars, trapped or oppressed
    • Sky = heaven
    • Scream = scared
    • Dream = hope

    3. Figurative

    Maya Angelou used the symbolism to connect the caged bird and free bird as humans. It represents the divide race has forged on society. The bird being a slave and the caged being its oppressor.


    “I know why the birds sing” was the first poem I read and analyzed. It was an interesting poem. Through this poem, I had known a little bit about the author. The author Maya Angelou was the early years of African-American writer and poet. She wrote, “I know why the birds sing” in her autobiography’s book in 1969. She wrote the poem based on her life experience. Through this poem, I was touched, easily felt the anger and frustration, but in the same time, also felt there was a hope for being free of slavery and segregation. After I read the poem, I was inspired to be brave and dare to reach my own freedom.

  3. Name : Fitriawati
    NIM : 1212150038
    Jokowi is the most popular president
    I think Jokowi is a leader expected by the Indonesian people, if asked readiness of a presidential candidate in 2014 .he say. I’m still focused to fix the jam and flood in Jakarta, he said. The reason is simple, the reason is obvious.
    However, the results of a survey conducted by several different survey organizations still put Jokowi as the most popular presidential candidate. Jokowi rejection in my opinion is
    The first reason for placing himself as the best candidate and best president that (will) of Indonesia. Because the reason for disapproval illustrate the sincerity of his soul. We need a president and his soul sincere to fix Indonesia. Resource-rich country, but most people are still suffering greatly.
    Jokowi refusal to be nominated to be the next President also illustrates that for him to be president was not privilege or pride and respect as well as luxury facilities. But for a true worker becomes president is a duty, and a mandate that must be carried to the whole body and soul.
    Jokowi refused to become a candidate for President is the best reason to choose a presidential candidate himself. Not like any other candidate candidate, a very subtle look that motivation is power, opportunity, wealth, and so forth.
    The second reason to have to choose Jokowi as President because he has the character to self-aware, conscious environment. Self-awareness is so real that he always wanted to bring people closer to Jakarta and to know the problem. President if only environment surrounded by elite neighbourhood of his castle or just definitely do not know or are not sensitive to the real situation of the people they lead.
    if we want a president who is willing to work for the people , so this time was the best candidate Jokowi .
    The third reason for placing Jokowi as the best presidential candidate is Ahok or Tjahja Basuki Purnama . Ahok know the reason for Jakowi be the best candidate for president ? What about logic ? Jokowi when asked why the president did not want to be nominated to be the answer always is still willing to fix Jakarta . That is Jokowi commitment to his promise during the campaign that he would fix the total of Jakarta with her partner as deputy governor of Jakarta is Ahok . When viewed lunge or achievements that do Ahok as we are sure that without the presence of any Jokowi can Ahok and is believed to be able to pass on ideas and vision to resolve the problem Jokowi Jakarta . Because of the commitment and character owned Ahok was not much different from Jokowi . Even if Ahok Jokowi left ( for being the President ) to fix the Jakarta believed to be able to finish his Ahok .
    In fact there will be greater opportunity, because Jokowi no longer a couple Ahok as governor, but as President. Of power and influence will be even greater.
    Here are three reasons that I see who makes the best resident Jokowi as a candidate in 2014.

  4. Hi all,
    So sorry for posting this comment too long. After reading all papers of yours, here are my brief comments which are hopefully helpful for you to make necessary revision.

    Gita Sagita –> Very well done! No need write revision.

    Zuky –> Good enough! But you can make it better by including the analysis on imagery, connotation and figurative language.

    Jolanda Talahatu –> Good! However, you can make it better by analyzing imagery, connotation and figurative language in a more detailed way.

    Irma Astuti –> My comment to Zuky also goes to you.

    Carla Valentine –> Your analysis consists of only four lines. It’s too short, simple, and shallow. Please reanalyze it.

    Renita P. Aster –>(I do not yet accept neither the hard nor the soft copy)

    Tiffany Michelle –> You analysis is too simple. You include only the general meaning in it. Write it better by including the analysis on detailed meaning, intention, imagery, connotation and figurative language.

    Mangaraja F.S. –> (I do not yet accept neither the hard nor the soft copy)

    Fitriawaty –> My comment to Carla also goes to you!

    Astri Julianti S. –> It’s a good idea to include the analysis of imagery, connotation and figurative language into your work.

    Lolin Nilam S. –> I address you my comment to Astri J.

    Vivi Budiman –> I haven’t got the analysis.

    Selawati Pasaribu –> Please rewrite the paper using the suggested outline. If you quote from someone else work, mention the source.

    Good luck to you all.

  5. Jolanda Talahatu
    We Wear the Mask by Paul Laurence Dunbar

    Here are the analysis :

    The speaker opens the poem with the declaration that we wear masks that hide our true feelings. He goes on to emphasize the severity of the pain and suffering that these masks try to cover up. The poem we wear the mask has many implications. This poem is sad, suffering, hypocrite, self mocking and honesty. There are subject “we” in several line meaning it also invites the reader to include himself. First line, “we” means we wear the mask to any person. Third line, “we” means shares this experience of human guile. So, its not limited to just the black African – American struggle. Fourth line, “we” means they smile though injured. Nineth and fifteenth line, “we” means they hide their true feelings. Tenth and twelfth line, on one side the “we” is “smiling” while on the other side the “we” is “crying”. In the end, that “we” is torn and not being honest.

    The explanation for the first stanza : we wear disguises that look nice “grins” but which are actually nothing but lies. The speaker says “human guile,” which again suggests that the poem can be applied to not just the black African – American struggle but also the general human struggle. After all, telling lies and being someone we’re not is just a common part of daily life. The speaker use the smooth and polite words.

    The second stanza : The speaker is saying here that, instead of the world seeing the truth, they see only the masks and the lies. The words “let them” suggests that the world is being spared the truth, via ignorance, perhaps because the truth is harder to accept than the mask. The speaker is reminding us that the people wearing the mask need to be more honest about their situation too. So all the sarcasm that we hear is stressing the problem that exists on both sides: the world that ignores the problem and the people suffering who aren’t being honest.

    The third stanza : They need God help that we saw in lines tenth and twelfth (“O great Christ”). The speaker is saying that they’re singing through the pain while standing above the earth that’s “vile” because it provides only pain and suffering for these folks. And yet that vile earth is still their home/origins, which makes things even worse.

    We know that mask is the focus of the poem and the problems of the speaker. Perhaps we can go even deeper to say that wears a “mask” since a title defines a poem. The opening words are not only the poem’s refrain, but also get right to the point about what Dunbar’s poem is about. Those masks may “grin,” but they also “lie.” So don’t be fooled by that smile.
    The mask hides everything, including “cheeks” and “eyes” which symbolize the truer essence of humanity since we often express ourselves best in those places. The smile that is not a happy smile but a forced smile because actually they feel suffering and crying. The world is our live. The world knows about our life.

    We know that masks are often used as symbols for disguises and deception. We hide behind them for different reasons. The speaker very religious. He use the word “O Christ”.

    The author is Paul Laurence Dunbar. He was born in Dayton Ohio United states on June 27, 1872. He was an African – American poet, novelist and playwright of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Dunbar was an early pioneer of the Harlem Renaissance that came later in the 1920s.

    I agree with the poem and it’s interesting because in real life sometimes we use a mask to hide any problems or certain things that do not want to be known by others. We hide from our mask. Sadness, happiness, suffering, pain, bitterness was all a part of our lives. State that it would not just black people who are suffering but all of us no exception. Don’t be afraid because we have a good God Jesus Christ who can help and protect us.

  6. Name : Astri Julianti Simatupang
    NIM : 1212150039

    Analysis poem ,

    As a reader , i think that this poem is rich in visual and it´s about the child must be ro do the advised to the parents

    The first stanza is about the child was already able to do things in the wish, but her parents don´t allow doing so desired by her son

    The second stanza is about both parents are giving advice to his son , but the child was so brave and he child did not want to accept the reason ban her parents for doing it. his son argued compassion of herself with others. then his father explains his reason´s why not allow doing the desires because each person is different.

    The third is about his parents give an example on someone else´s figure to his son, and giving advice to impersonate the appearance of a person is different

    The poem is made perhaps to show an example of a person about what is seen is not necessarily the correct child seen by a parent´s right.

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