Short Stories for Analysis

The following is the list of short story you should analyze for mid-term assignment. Focus your analysis on a specific element (plot, character, theme, setting, style, etc.) of the short story. Read The Plot of Buckley’s “Gold-Mounted Gun” and The Main Theme of Graham Greene’s “The Third Man” in order to get insights how to write your analysis.

Type the article in double spaces using Times New Roman or Arial 12”. Print it in quarto paper, and submit it on Saturday, June 22, 2013.

1.  Ira Soraya Damanik –> Edgar Allen Poe’ s The Pit and the Pendulum

2. Yasinta Purwanti –> Louisa May Alcott’s My Red Cap

3. Arlin Adriana T. –> Anton Chekhov’s The Beggar

4. Retno Cendrawati –> Jack London’s Aloha Oe

5. Maria Helena P. –>O. Henry’s The Skylight Room

6. Yanna –> Edgar Allen Poe’ s The Angel of the Odd

7.Maya Sartika–> Guy de Maupassant’sTwo Friends

8. Francisca Aprilya –> Flannery O’Connor’s A Good Man Is Hard To Find

9. Laura –> Amina Henry’s Waiting For Her

10. Dia pristiawati –> Colin Frizzell’s Prairie Dogs

11. Agustina –> O. Henry’s What You Want

12. Cornelia M.E. –> Crystal Arbogast’s The Westernization of Mrs Jones

13. Yulina R. –> Cryspin Lyzard’s Last of the Lepers

14. Octovany S.–> Clare Reddaway’s The New Religion

15. Sri Dewi C. –> Jack Trammell’s A Glimpse of Heaven

16. Romaulina E.M.–> John G. Gorman’s Time Lost

17. Radini P.S. –> Jack Trammell’s The Sleeping Stones

18. Risma Natalia –> Oscar Wilde’s The Happy Prince

Good Luck!!!

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