1. I think Indonesia hasn’t made the diversity as a source of the strength and success, Because indonesia still considers these differences as a matter, And still feel their culture shall be most true than the others culture.

  2. Good day Mr. Parlin
    Diversity in Indonesia is one of the great gift from God that this nation must appreciate and proud of. We as one of the big nations in the world must reflect to what happen in U.S (like your statement says that “Although diversity had ever caused problems in U.S., for several decades it has been made a source of strength and success”) so if U.S able to use its diversity as a source of strength and power why Indonesia could not do it? In my opinion the main problem is not diversity but there are something else that cause this nation in pain and sickness.
    some major problems in Indonesia:
    a. Corruption
    b. Money still rules the law
    c. Consumptive behavior of the society, etc
    Until this very moment even though there are some issues are caused by diversity that happen in Indonesia, we must thank to GOD that this nation still able to overcome those issues and problems in a good way. It is quite a shame that this nation still haven’t able to use its diversity as a source of power.
    some suggestion in using diversity to heighten prosperity in this nation:
    a. we can use the diversity as a unique product (many kind of traditional dancing, song, merchandise and so on) that we can sell to foreign tourists that want to come to Indonesia, this will improve the income from tourism sector.
    b. Every ethnic and cultural has its own uniqueness, if the government able to use this great sources, we can sells many items and products from that uniqueness such as batik, songket fabric, different type of foods, webbing, and much more that come from many places in Indonesia.

  3. Indonesia does not made diversity as a source of strength and success. There is a lot of conflicts caused by diversity of culture, ethnic, or religion (SARA) in Indonesia. Everybody think his/her tribe/race/religion is the best than others. The important thing we have to realize that every tribe, ethnic and religion has its own strength and weakness. If we unite the strength, I believe Indonesia will be heighten the prosperity and success caused by the diversity.

  4. I don’t think like that, today Indonesia is still not able to make the diversity become a source of strength. There are so many conflicts caused by diversity in Indonesia; Separatism: it can be happen because of diversity gab; some people feel unsatisfied and make group to against the government. The most frequently conflict in Indonesia is the inter-religious conflicts caused by not interchangeable accept religious diversity.
    Indonesia has not yet been like America has made. America has been able to make diversity become a power and also made their country become super power. But we can learn the way of America to handle the diversity problem.
    I just want to suggest making like training at school and teaching the children about the diversity. Basically, children have to know how important diversity are, and teach them that diversity can enrich our knowledge.
    For people of Indonesia have to aware about the bad effect of the conflict and try to lose their ego. As far as we know the basic of the conflict is misunderstanding, we have to often make a dialogue so that we can communicate with the others.

  5. Sir, this is my comment

    According to me, Indonesia hasn’t made diversity a source of strength and success. Because there are lot of troubles caused by simple or little case. Misunderstanding for each culture “habit “for example; there are people that when we talk to (listener) in expressing with just hanging his head in order to say yes or even give responses. But for some people it was really impolite.

    These are my suggestions
    1. Raise awereness about the cultural competence
    2. The community strives to live a dynamic and secure
    3. The community is responsible for the establishment of a pattern of behavior among individuals and communities
    4. Interacting and working together to get the needs
    5. The community relies on the efforts of each individual to make relationship with others

  6. What do you think?

    Although diversity had ever caused problems in U.S., for several decades it has been made a source of strength and success. To a certain extent, Indonesia is also a diverse nation.

    Do you think Indonesia has made diversity a source of strength and success? If you think so, provide some examples to prove it. If you do not think so, list some suggestions for using diversity to heighten the prosperity in the country. Support your ideas with appropriate examples or arguments.

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