CCU Mid-Term Assignment

PART I: Essay Writing

Based on the topics we had learned in both real and cyber classes of Cross Cultural Understanding, it is revealed that American generally shared some noticeable values and beliefs, such as individual freedom, equal opportunities, material wealth, self reliance, competition, hard work, self improvement, self-discipline, volunteerism, humanitarianism, free spirit, inventiveness, egalitarianism, and aggressiveness. Choose three out of these values and believes and write an essay entitled “Three Most Important American Values and Beliefs to Emulate”.

Write the essay in double spaces using Times New Roman 12” and 750 to 1,250-words length. Organize the essay into five sections: Title, introductory paragraph(s), main body (some discussion paragraphs), concluding paragraph, and References/Bibliography. To have clearer ideas on how to organize the essay, feel free to visit “Organizing an Essay” and “Essay Sample”.

Support your ideas with appropriate facts, illustration, arguments or citations. Anytime you quote someone’s ideas, it is a must to mention the source by applying APA citation. At the end of your essay, list all sources of your citation in the “References” section by using APA referencing style. The formats of APA citation style could be accessed here; and the referencing style, here.

PART II: Perception and Reflection

In this section you have to respond to eight questions. Each item necessitates a two-stage answer. First, say “Yes” or “No (for items 1, 3—8) or choose the most suitable option for you (item 2). Second, explain by giving reasons, arguments, or examples which sound logical to your “Yes” or “No” answer or the option you chose. Look at the samples provided on the bottom of this page.

Answer each item in a paragraph of 75 to 150 words, typed in double spaces using Times New Roman 12”.

  1. Does Cross Cultural Understanding (CCU) class contribute to any of your language skills? YES/NO (Explain!) …………………………..
  2. To which language skill has the subject (CCU) contributed most? A. Listening             B. Speaking             C. Reading           D.  Writing (Explain Why) …………………………..
  3. Does CCU class help you raise awareness about American culture? YES/NO (Explain, and give one or more example) …………………………..
  4. Does CCU class help you raise awareness about your own culture? YES/NO (Explain and give one or more example!) ……………………..
  5. Does CCU class change your perception towards American culture? YES/NO (Explain give one or more example!) …………………………..
  6. If you become an English teacher after graduating from FKIP-UKI, do you think what you are learning in CCU class contribute to that profession? YES/NO (Explain and give one or more example!) …………………………..
  7. Do you think what you are learning in CCU class will help you in communicating with Americans? YES/NO (Explain give one or more example!) …………………………..
  8. Do you think the subject of Cross Cultural Understanding will make it easier for you to live in the USA, if one day you have the opportunity to go there? YES/NO (Explain give one or more example!) …………………………..

Answer samples:

  1. Yes! CCU class contributes to my language skills. Studying a culture which differs in many aspects with my own culture is interesting and challenging. The subject does not only enrich my knowledge about Americans but also provides me opportunities to develop my language skills, especially speaking and writing. The discussion activities, especially those held in groups, require active speaking. The weekly assignment to be posted in the “cyber class” forces me to boost my writing skills. ……………………
  2. CCU class contributed most to my writing skills. Before joining this class, I have no clear idea of how to write an academic essay. In this class, the students are required to write their ideas in a single paragraph or essays. As a consequence, ………………………..
  3. Yes! CCU class helps me raise my awareness about American culture. ……………..


To give you more opportunity to research and write, you can submit your CCU Mid-Termpaper on Friday, November 4, 2011, 1:00 to 5.00 A.M. in my office.


  1. sorry sir, i was wrong post, This is my Essay writing .

    Essay writing
    Name : Gracia Oka Marcela
    Nim : 0812150014

    !. Yes! By learning CCU my language skills increase, now that I know Indonesian language and English language. but in the CCU I learned what it knows English language and more broadly. so my language skills grow by reading books that use English CCU and the CCU are also taught about the values ​​that are important in the United States by using English.
    2. I think by reading, I better understand the contents of the book CCU. with reading comprehension and understand the purpose and content of which is told more visible and easily captured, and for example I do not understand I can ask the lecturer and bring the text book.
    3. Yes, by learning the CCU. my awareness learn about American culture is more familiar with and know more. American culture tends toward the freedom. they are free life. there is no culture norms or values ​​contained. their lifestyle in accordance with their wishes. their culture of free sex, abortion and the world of night(dugem). state is not entitled to reprimand or give witness. that’s what I know of American culture.
    4. Yes! because in studying the CCU at this time I had a lot to know and learn about the important values ​​and culture in the Americas. so when I know I sometimes compare the American culture with the culture in Indonesia, my own culture . American culture is freedom in Indonesia but not . Indonesia’s culture has a value of prevailing norms. CCU is very useful so learn to be aware of foreign cultures and selecting, if there are negative should not be imitated.
    5, No, because I already know if the culture in America was freedom. I think if the culture in America is not worth a try. some examples: first, if a walk into public places, culture in America is wearing very sexy clothes that ordinary. it is a habit, and the second free sex, free sex in America is familiar same-sex and opposite sex. and lastly, in American culture kissing in public places and it was used by same-sex marriage legal there at the right.
    6. Yes, as an English teacher later, the CCU is to contribute in my profession as a teacher. for example, if I teach English grammar, we must have the ability in the English language is very broad and precise. in studying the CCU we can practice making a revision or paragraph essay. with the CCU we as teachers already have the ability to be taught about it back to our students
    7. No, because when studying the CCU we study only a few parts of the important values ​​and beliefs in America is like. so, we can not directly meet with the Americans and face to face with them, we must have insight into the extensive knowledge of American state and can also master the language of America to communicate. Learn and know the country that America takes the process. so do not carelessly, they wrote us a different language. that we use in English CCU ie, not the language of America.
    8. Yes, it may be if one day I get to America, benefit from learning the CCU is at least we’ve learned and learn important values ​​and culture in America. although only a few know about America, at least we know than not know at all.

    Thank you Sir….

  2. Three Most Important American Values and Beliefs to Emulate

    John J. Zogby, an American pollster, says that Americans really know very little about themselves. “ Oddly enough for a nation that conducts, reads, argues over, and bashes polls, we still have difficulty understanding who we really are.” He notes that the same question is asked by every generation-What really makes us “American”? the nation has survived the American Revolution. “The reason for this survival is simple-We all share a common set of values that make us Americans.” Zogby agrees with Ben Wattenberg, an expert on American culture who believes that “values matter most.” These values give Americans a unique identity, and whichever political candidate or party can best represent these values to win an election. This is the three most important American values and beliefs to emulate (individual freedom, equality of opportunity, material wealth and hard work) are still a major force in American society, which may be emulated by the Indonesian.
    For the first I have discussed is the Individual Freedom. Freedoms sometimes referred to as the “rights of the individual” is the most popular of the basic traditional values of the united states. The traditional ideas of freedom held by the founding fathers and written into the constitution. These freedoms included guarantees of the freedom of speech, freedoms of the press, and freedom of the religion. There were also freedoms guaranteeing a fair criminal trial, that is, the right to a speedy and public trial, the right to a trial by jury, and right to a defense attorney. Since the 1960s and the great society programs, the government has continued to undertake new responsibilities. This has led to a new category of freedoms or rights that are economic in nature. However the idea of economic rights has a broader meaning. It means that government should provide economic benefits for U.S. citizens, it is on this point that American differ. Indeed, this difference has been called the values divide. They argue that the more the government makes itself responsible for providing economics benefits, the more it makes the American people dependent on the government for their standard of living. On the other hand, liberal mostly Democratic, Americans believe that the guarantee of economic rights by the government broader and improves the traditional idea of freedom. The possible economic rights that are being proposed include the right to medical treatment and basic health insurance; the right to a college education; the right to have a job that provides a standard of living above the poverty level; and, when people are unemployed, the right to receive public assistance (especially for woman and children).
    Although our country adopts the same system with American democracy, but individual freedom which granted by our country is so far different from what is obtained by the American society itself. Press freedom in Indonesia is very limited by the government it is evident from the many newspaper or magazine was closed by the government, especially during the reign of the new order, which their news regarding the direction of government policy. In addition, freedom of speech is also severely limited by our government. There are many missing persons cases involving the government as a result they voiced their sense of injustice against the government, particularly also in the days of the new order. As time goes by until now, freedom is already starting to look and we all certainly hope that these freedoms can be fully owned by the Indonesian citizens.

    For the second is, one of the Important American values and beliefs to emulate is Equality of Opportunity. All Americans should have an equal opportunity to succeed in life, to gain prosperity, and to pursue happiness. The united states has sometimes failed to honor this value of equality of opportunity, particularly in the case of African Americans who were subjected to slavery and then to secretion and discrimination. But the nation eventually freed the slaves in the 1860s and then addressed segregation and discrimination with the Civil Rights Acts of the 1960s. one example of this preferential treatment is the practice of giving extra points on university admission applications of blacks, Hispanics, and other minorities. The supreme Court upheld this practice by the University of Michigan in 2003. Those who support affirmative action argue that is helped make up for the past discrimination against minorities and that is increases the racial and ethnic diversity on college campuses. Those who oppose what they see as prefential treatment believe that everyone should have the same educational opportunities and that no one should get any special advantages. They defend the traditional idea of equality of opportunity and say that they believe in the natural diversity of the United States, not diversity mandated by the government. The nation often struggles for a balance between the values of equality of opportunity.
    Our country was also having difficulty to equalizes the equality of opportunity for every citizens. But our country has a very severe degree of difficulty in this regard. And based on the fact that we know in general, there are a lot of injustice in equality of opportunity in our country. As it has been written in one of our laws that every citizens is entitled to a decent education. This would be a chore that must be resolved by the government, because the fate of this nation’s future will be determined by younger generation who will become the successor of this country. If the next generation is not getting a proper education, so what will this country toward future?
    And for the last is material wealth and hard work. The third reasons why immigrants have traditionally come to the United States is to have a better life—that is, to raise their standard of living. Foe the vas majority of the immigrants to came here, this way probably compelling reason for living their homeland. Most immigrants did not “get rich overnight” and many of them get suffered terribly. But thr majority of them were eventually zble to improve upon their former standard living. Even if they were not able to achieve the economic success they wanted, they could be fairly certain that their children would have the opportunity for a better life. They achieved material success and many became very attached to material things. Material wealt became a value to the American people. Placing a high value on material possessions is called materialism, but this isa woed that most American find offensive. American do not like to be called materialistic because they feel that is unfairly accuses them of loving only material things and of having no religious values. In fact, in most American do have other values and ideals. One reason is that material wealth has traditionally been a widely accepted measure of social status in United States. Because Americans rejected the European system of hereditary aristocracy and titles of nobility, they had to find a substitute for judging social status. As the United States has shifted from any industry based economy to one that is service-or information-based, there has been a decline in high playing jobs for factory workers. When the economy weakness everyone suffers, and there greater numbers of the working poor-those who work hard but have low playing jobs that do not provide a decent standard living and may not provide health insurance. Most Americans however, still believe in the value of hard work. Most believe that people should hold jobs and not live off welfare payments from government. One of the most critical problems is the cost of health care in United States and the fact that many employers no longer offer health insurance to their employess. It is often the children who suffer most, particulary in families of the working poor. Another issue is government benefits to immigrants and immigrant children; many of these families are living poverty.

    And in our country, this problem is even worse. Quality of life in our country can be said to be very bad for the majority of society in general. Poverty is still a major problem in our country. Lack of jobs in our country and unequal salary workers when compared with their hard work, making them suffer from poverty. Therefore, it is not uncommon when many of our citizens who ultimately prefer to earn money in another country. But their potential can be used to advance the Indonesian nation.
    I think this is the three most important values and beliefs to emulate by Indonesian. The American people and their values and beliefs have reached another historic crossroads. Will these traditional values endure through this century? One hundred years from now will Americans still have a sense of national identity of “being American”? As Alvin Toffler said, “The sole certainty is that tomorrow will surprise us all.

  3. “Three Most Important American Values and Beliefs to Emulate”
    Values are the standards by which members of a culture distinguish what is desirable from the undesirable. American generally shared some noticeable values and beliefs, such as individual freedom, equal opportunities, material wealth, self reliance, competition, hard work, self improvement, self-discipline, volunteerism, humanitarianism, free spirit, inventiveness, egalitarianism, and aggressiveness. Three Most Important American Values and Beliefs to Emulate: Freedom, volunteerism, material wealth.
    In the first American Values Freedom commonly regard their society as the freest and best in the world. Americans’ understanding of freedom is shaped by the Founding Fathers’ belief that all people are equal and that the role of the government is to protect each person’s basic “inalienable” rights. The U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights assures individual rights, including provisions for freedom of speech, press and religion. No one single church dominates or controls in the US, there is a religious diversity.
    American values freedom beliefs to emulate Indonesian people. For example Constitutional guarantees of religious freedom apply to the six religions recognized by the state, namely Islam (86.1%), Protestantism (5.7%), Catholicism (3%), Hinduism (1.8%), Buddhism (about 1%), and Confucianism (less than 1%). On the resort island of Bali, over 90% of the population practices Hinduism. In some remote areas, animism is still practiced.
    The second is volunteerism means people helping people through privately initiated, rather than government-sponsored, agencies. Volunteers are highly motivated people, workers who organize themselves and others to solve a particular community problem or meet an immediate social need, rather then waiting for someone else – usually the govt- to do it. The willingness to participate in such groups is so widespread that six out of ten Americans are members of a volunteer organization. Volunteerism reflects Americans’ optimistic pride in their ability to work out practical solutions themselves. Americans like to form associations of different kind (Tocqueville and Mead wrote about that).
    In Indonesia volunteering is symbolic of human solidarity, of human equality. For example In order to develop volunteerism and enhance the capacity of volunteers in Indonesia, the Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration of the Republic of Indonesia and the United Nations Volunteers/United Nations Development Programmed (UNV/UNDP), with support from national and international volunteer organizations, have established the Volunteer Development Centre (VDC). In addition to providing information about volunteers and volunteerism, the VDC will serve as a forum for the exchange of information, knowledge, skills and expertise among volunteers, volunteer organizations and other relevant stakeholders. The Centre will also provide support for the capacity building of volunteers and volunteer-based organizations and facilitate participation by the general public through outreach activities. It is expected that the presence of the Centre will further enhance collaboration between the government, national and international volunteer organizations, donors, the private sector, the media and the civil society in the social economic development of the society through voluntary works.
    The third material wealth – Tocqueville in “Democracy in America” wrote: In the United States a man builds a house to spend his latter years in it, and he sells it before the roof is on: he plants a garden, and lets it just as the trees are coming into bearing: he brings a field into tillage, and leaves other men to gather the crops: he embraces a profession and gives it up: he settles in a place which he soon afterwards leaves, to carry his changeable longings elsewhere.” American habit. As a nation of immigrants, Americans have shared from the beginning the assumption that the practical solution to a problem is to move elsewhere and make a fresh start. Mobility in America is not a sign of aimlessness but optimism (hoping to secure a better job or enjoy a warmer climate: after the WWII inner migration from the Frost Belt to the Sun Belt). Moving about from place to place is such a common and accepted practice that most Americans take it for granted that they may live in four or fife cities during their lifetime. Americans hate to feel that buying a house might immobilize them forever.
    In Indonesia’s richest man, Eka Tjipta Widjaja, has built a fortune amounting to $12 billion over the past few years on the back of rising commodity prices as he and his family made huge investments in property, palm oil and pulp and paper. This patriarch of the Sinar Mas Group is semi-retired but his four sons continue to drive the family’s vast business empire. “Indonesia’s wealth is directly tied into com- modities and the rise in commodity prices in the past year, driven by money printing and growing demand from emerging markets, particularly China and India, has seen a material improve- ment in Indonesia’s overall wealth,” said Nick Cashmore, head of securities at broker CLSA Indonesia.

    “Wealth has expanded because those owning assets have seen their net worth expand as asset prices have risen. It’s a simple story,” he says. “Deals have been done, work expended but at the end of the day global loose monetary prices continue to drive asset prices higher and thereby increase the wealth of the owners of those assets.
    In the conclusion three Most Important American Values and Beliefs to Emulate: Freedom, volunteerism, material wealth. Values is the distinction between good or bad, beautiful or ugly, and prized or avoided. Thus values are judgments from a cultural perspective. These values shape our personalities and behavior. We learn our values from our families, schools, and religions. Values help us learn how to think and act in our particular culture in accordance with its approved principles and rules.

  4. PART 2

    1 Yes! CCU class contributes to my language skills especially reading and writing skills.Studying a culture which differs in many aspects with my own culture is very interesting and challenging. This lesson not only enrich my knowledge about America but also motivated me to find out more from some source by reading the sources of America where I can compare and contrast with the Indonesian state and learn how to write a good grammar in English writing and how to make a good paragraph or essay. This lesson to my knowledge will be broader American culture. This is very different from Indonesia which full of restrictions or regulations usually called either from local or regional government itself, which if violated rules on the offender shall be liable in accordance with the regulations
    but, of course, all that positive and negative consequences for the country itself. For example, while American country is a country that is free in this that they are not bound by rules, such as Indonesia. The country is known worldwide as in developed countries, while Indonesia is still a developing country and tell the world recognize a country that has many debts, and also includes the world’s poorest countries.

    2 CCU class contributed most to my writing skills. CCU class is a class which learns about American with culture in Indonesia. I was a student was asked to be active with a lot of reading from various sources or existing media, such as various kinds of good books from the library, the books in the bookstore, browsing the Internet, and even exchange opinions to fellow students who had lived in America. Thus, the ability to contribute greatly in learning this lesson is to read, then the knowledge that has been read in various sources and I write in a paragraph or essay writing skills are commonly called.

    3 Yes! CCU class helps me raise my awareness about American culture. Each class meeting at CCU I always get new knowledge about American culture. For example, every meeting we have presentation from Mr. Parlin after that we were given the task and put in a blog at which questions that has made us look for more resources about America that we must increase our knowledge even more. American culture, I know that they embrace individual freedom of doing things is not limited by regulations. It is inversely proportional to the state of Indonesia which has boundaries or rules in doing something good from the side of religion, culture, the environment is based on Pancasila and 1945 Constitution.

    4 Yes! CCU class helps me raise awareness about my own culture. This is because each lesson we will learn about the cultural comparison between the United States and Indonesia. By using our comparative study of this culture, I became motivated to learn more and more the culture of Indonesia. For example, the equality of men and women should have the same status level. Many wonderful women who have a better mindset in the appeal to the leaders of men. Women also can be leaders and make the people prosperous. However it is very regrettable in Indonesia on women leaders so that in the view of one eye.
    The second example is the equality of the people who have drawbacks such as Abdurrahman Wahid also deserves to be leaders. Although he has a physical shortage but he thought patterns to create a prosperous society is not inferior to the former president who has no physical shortage. In contrast to our present president is just a sales appointment only.

    5 Yes! CCU class changes my perception towards American culture. I took samples of individual liberty in American society to do something that is not limited to the regulation because America is a country that embraces individual freedom.
    It is inversely proportional to our country is full of rules or boundaries, limitations in doing anything that complies with the Pancasila and 1945 UD. However, although the American nation is a country that adopts freedom, America is a country well advanced in the field of economics, technology, etc.
    The Government should therefore follow the procedures of the American nation to make the community of smart, creative, and could count on the assistance of their own country or in another country.

    6 If I become an English teacher after graduating from FKIP-UKI, I think what I am learning in CCU class contribute to that profession.
    As my English teacher not only mastered the language but also knowledge about the background and lifestyle of Americans who also then I can share with students my students. For example, by providing an understanding of their culture even though Americans embrace American freedom also embraces values such as individual freedom, equal opportunities, material wealth, self reliance, competition, hard work, self improvement, self-discipline, volunteerism, humanitarianism, free spirit, inventiveness, egalitarianism, and aggressiveness.
    These values are certainly making the country a developed in America country such as economics, technology, etc.

    7 I think what I am learning in CCU class will help me in communicating with Americans because when I meet American people I can talk and discuss something to them about difference culture American and Indonesia. With this class we realize CCU American lifestyle, such as lifestyle Uphold the values of individual freedom means they rarely can be arranged. They can do what they want and sometimes even collide with the interests of others. However, gradually some of them begin to appreciate the benefits of others. To obtain individual freedom, America must be the first independent, especially financially independent. So, It has become a tradition when the children were ages 9 annual American has worked as a newspaper deliveryman, or helping a neighbor tile roof that leaked. Do mengkasihani them because they do not want to be pitied. Work they do at an early age does not mean they are poor, but an attempt to get the ‘independence’ and ‘individual freedom’ them.

    8 If one day I have the opportunity to go to America, I think the subject of CCU will make it easier for me to live in the USA. That’s because in addition we know their language and also we already know the background or their lifestyle is inversely proportional to Indonesia based on Pancasila and 1945 Constitution. So we are not surprised when he saw their lifestyle that is free because we already understand how their way of life. If I got a job there I would definitely approach to the employer until the boss for the advancement of the company and improve the quality of my work so that the name of Indonesia will be known in foreign countries and in admitted quality.

  5. Dear all attendees of CCU class,
    If you have questions related to the mid-term assignment above, feel free to post them here. I’ll reply any question posted by November 2, 2011.

    Good Luck!

    You can do what you have to do, and sometimes you can do it even better than you think you can. [Jimmy Carter]

    1. Are you sure we should submit our Mid-Term on Friday until 5.00 A.M.? Sir, we have a Mid-Term on Wednesday, right?

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