Vocabulary Building Exercise 8

Dear all,

After Studying the material in chapter 8 of Smith’s Building Vocabulary for College (2009), write ten good sentences by including one of the following words in each of the sentences. Make sure your sentences are meaningful and grammatically correct. The following sentence, which includes the word annuity can be used as a sample.

Melissa, an insurance agent, is presenting a financial plan that will pay us an annuity of guaranteed income every month after we retire.

  1. annuity
  2. cacophony
  3. composure
  4. diaphanous
  5. heterogeneous
  6. graphology
  7. moribund
  8. capricious
  9. blandness
  10. homogeneous

Good Luck!


Smith, Kent R. (2009). Building Vocabulary for College. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company


  1. 1. annuity
    The bank imposed annual fee in my credit card that I have to pay annuity.
    2. cacophony
    I don’t like metal music because it’s sounds cacophony for me.
    3. composure
    My best friend composure looks strong when she is talking in front of class.
    4. diaphanous
    The artist is wearing diaphanous dress, so she looks sexy.
    5. heterogeneous
    Heterogeneous make our world looks colorful.
    6. graphology
    One of my cousin joined graphology test and the result said He suits to become a pastor
    7. moribund
    My puppy in a moribund state after he got a crash with a car.
    8. capricious
    Everybody can become capricious at any time.
    9. blandness
    I felt blandness when I did something wrong in twice.
    10. homogeneous
    Homogeneous interests make people closed with one another.

  2. Dear sir, below is my assignment of Vocabulary.

    1. Annuity(Noun)
    She receives a small annuity this year.

    2. Cacophony(Noun)
    As we entered the farmyard we were met with a cacophony of animal sounds.

    3. Composure(Noun)
    I don’t want to lose my composure in front of her.

    4. Diaphanous(Adjective)
    That diaphanous silk veil is very expensive.

    5. Heterogeneous (Adjective) :
    However, achieving these objectives for all students was complicated by the
    increasingly heterogeneous nature of the intake to the apprenticeship program.

    6. Graphology (Noun)
    Graphology as the study handwriting analysis is now an accepted and
    increasingly used technique for assessment of people in organizations.

    7. Moribund (Adjective)
    The region’s heavy industry is still inefficient and moribund.

    8. Capricious (Adjective)
    A Capricious woman often changes her mood suddenly and unexpectedly.

    9. Blandness (Noun)
    The blandness of his confession enraged the judge.

    10. Homogeneous (Adjective)
    The population of the village has remained remarkably homogeneous.

  3. 1. Part of our retirement income will come from an annuity.
    2. The sounds of barking dogs and rumbling car engines added to the
    cacophony of the street.
    3. He kept his composure despite the repeated provocations.
    4. The bride wore diaphanous veil.
    5. Heterogeneous grouping is a type of distribution of students among various
    classrooms of a certain grade within a school
    6. The slant of writing is one of the most basic and important points in graphology
    7. The old actor is trying to revive his moribund career.
    8. The court ruled that the punishment was arbitrary and capricious.
    9. The blandness of his statement did nothing to calm the situation.
    10. Homogeneous in harmony is our dreams.

  4. 1. annuity (noun)
    After my uncle passed away, his pension annuity has been received by his family.

    2. cacophony (noun)
    I accompanied my little sister to her music audition. The audition participants were practicing their own instruments at the backstage. It is a cacophony. I couldn’t stand it, so I went out.

    3. composure (noun)
    Mrs. Trevor kept her composure in front of her children when she stated Mr. Trevor’s health condition. There’s no much time left.

    4. diaphanous(adjective)
    Many designers launched their designs with diaphanous material for this summer.
    5. heterogeneous (adjective)
    Jakarta is populated by heterogeneous races and nationalities; yet they can live harmoniously.

    6. graphology (noun)
    My sister took her son to graphology test to check his study interests and competence.

    7. moribund (adjective)
    Global crisis has led Mr. Morgan’s company into moribund situation. Lay-offs cannot be avoided anymore.

    8. capricious ( adjective)
    A capricious climate makes people get sick easily.

    9. blandness (noun)
    The blandness of situation occurred after he announced his retirement as the director of the company.

    10. homogeneous (adjective)
    Linda and I have been best friends for years because we have homogeneous sports, mountain bike and hiking.

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