Vocabulary Building Exercise 2

Dear all,

After Studying the material in chapter 1 of Smith’s Building Vocabulary for College (2009), Write ten good sentences by including one of the following words in each of the sentences. Make sure your sentences are meaningful and grammatically correct. The following two sentences, which include the word ‘subterfuge’, can be used as samples.

  • The guerrillas used trees and leaves as a subterfuge to hide their weapons from the government’s air force.
  • Most players disliked their previous coach. He often employed various subterfuges to select players of his own choice to form the starting eleven.
  1. subterfuge
  2. universally
  3. misconstrue
  4. obstreperous
  5. correlation
  6. proclivity
  7. interim
  8. dissipate
  9. tentative
  10. anthropology
Smith, Kent R. (2009). Building Vocabulary for College. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company



  1. l’appel bâclée se souviendra toujours comme un moment classique
    dans l’histoire de la NFL . Il fonctionne même pour
    les jeux de loterie dans différents pays . le prix
    est jeu en ligne correcte peut aussi être un beaucoup de plaisir à
    épouser des douches et serviront à aider la nouvelle mariée trop .

  2. 1. Subterfuge: My best friend used some subterfuge to give me a surprise on the day of my birthday.
    2. Universally: The entire governor candidate should be able to present them self universally towards the citizen.
    3. Misconstrue: Dicky usually misconstrue what I said.
    4. Obstreperous: During his obstreperous years, our family decided not to let my father work again.
    5. Correlation: The entire quantitative thesis is using a correlation theory.
    6. Proclivity: She was arrested because of her proclivity for lying on the court.
    7. Interim: The vice president took power in the interim period before the election.
    8. Dissipate: The global warming caused the water to dissipate.
    9. Tentative: We keep on doing a tentative order.
    10. Anthropology: Anthropology is one of main subject in psychology major.

  3. 1. It was clear that they must have obtained the information by subterfuge.
    2. Water is one of the most common and universally known substances, but
    researchers are still learning more about it.
    3. She said that Jack had misconstrued her comments.
    4. There were so many obstreperous customers at my office this afternoon
    5. There’s a high correlation between smoking and lung cancer.
    6. She has a proclivity for doing violence.
    7. An interim government was set up for the period before the country’s first free
    8. His anger dissipated as the situation became clear.
    9. I have made tentative plans to take a trip to Jambi in July.
    10. He studied anthropology at the university of Lang Lang Buana in 1989.

  4. 1. The fog will dissipate as soon as the morning sun shed its light.
    2. They obtained the document by subterfuge.
    3. I phrase myself carefully because I do not want people to misconstrue what I say.
    4. The police found it extremely difficult to deal with the obstreperous crowd protesting the government’s immigration policy.
    5. Scientists have been studying the correlation between brain size and intelligence.
    6. She had shown artistic proclivity at an early age.
    7. Mr. Monk will serve as interim head of the police department until the investigation is complete.
    8. We have tentative plans for the weekend.
    9. Her interest in anthropology makes her parents happy.
    10. Some conducts are universally accepted across all cultures

  5. Subterfuge (noun)
    Jim’s subterfuge was finally found by the IRS. The IRRS has found his mansion and private yacht in an island. For sure he’s going to jail for corruption.

    Universally (adverb)
    At first, Coco Channel’s work was considered against the fashion rule. But it did not take any longer time when her work was universally accepted as fashion trend.

    Misconstrue (verb)
    I think she has misconstrued my saying. I would have lent my laptop if I had not worked on my papers. She hasn’t talked to me for days.

    Obstreperous (adjective)
    David has been obstreperous for days. It seems everything is wrong for him. We have no idea what bothers him.

    Correlation (noun)
    Cecilia asked the speaker about the correlation between stress and insomnia.

    Proclivity (noun)
    Diva’s parents realized her proclivity for ballet. They decided to send Diva to Paris to learn ballet seriously, so she can be a professional ballet dancer.

    Interim (noun)
    In the interim Christmas holidays, Melva volunteered in shelter house nearby.

    Dissipate (verb)
    The heat began to dissipate after the rain came.

    Tentative (adjective)
    The fieldtrip is tentative since the principal hasn’t approved the budget.

    Anthropology (noun)
    I am excited to learn anthropology because I gain more knowledge about cultures around the world.

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