Methods & Materials Section

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  1. I choose the journal of Yong Kim about Current Trends in ELT.
    I read the journal and try to make criticize, I think it is better if the writer give a subtitle about the process of journal writing, ex (if the writer want to write the methodology, it is better to make subtitle in up of the text “Methodology”) that maybe help the reader to understand the journal well. According to me the material is not related with the data because the writer for the first material give us information about “Diversity of English Teaching” and the second one about “ICT and English Teaching” but there are no statement to support the relation with the next information. And also the writer only gives specific data by chart in the topic “Computer-Mediated English” but the specific data could not find in the other topic. So we could not compare the data. The conclusion of my criticize, I could not find the focus of the writing and also the purposes of the writing because the material and the data is not really related.

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