Vocabulary Building Exercise 1

Vocabulary Building Exercise 1

After Studying the material in chapter 1 of Smith’s Building Vocabulary for College (2009), Write ten good sentences by including one of the following words in each of the sentences. Make sure your sentences are meaningful and grammatically correct. The following sentence, which includes the word ‘compliance’ can be used as a sample. Write your sentences in the reply section below. Good luck!

To get a greater chance for having your article published, make sure that it is in compliance with the journal’s guidelines for submission.

  1. compliance
  2. replicate
  3. extricate
  4. debilitate
  5. unseemly
  6. stature
  7. monomania
  8. precocious
  9. incongruous
  10. hedonist


Smith, Kent R. (2009). Building vocabulary for college. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company


  1. Dear Sir, below is my respond to the assignment of vocabulary 1

    1. I think, a soldier is a good example if we talk about a compliance.
    2. Alien has ability to replicate our face.
    3. It takes time to extricate from this situation; the problem is, how fast we got help
    from the expert.
    4. Diabetus melitus has debilitated my grandmother since she got that 5 years
    5. It’s unseemly when we come to the wrong party that we attend.
    6. No single religion can accept hedonist life style.
    7. Sometime we need monomania if we have to focus on something very serious.
    8. Nazararuddin incongruous to his party, because he likes to be a justice
    cooperation for the government.
    9. Mark Zuckerberg found a social net work /FB when he was 24 years old; such
    a precocious businessman.
    10. The student who is being punished by the teacher is stature near the flagpole.

    Thank you Sir.

  2. 1. Compliance
     The regulator will monitor the compliance of the foundation trust with the license.
    2. Replicate
     He could never replicate his brilliant performance of the magic trick.
    3. Extricate
     I cannot extricate myself from this task.
    4. Debilitate
     The treatment debilitated him.
    5. Unseemly
     ¬It looks so unseemly to use profanity in that kind of situation.
    6. Stature
     The castle is well-known because of the great stature.
    7. Monomania
     His monomania of photography has killed his purse.
    8. Precocious
     Magnolia is a precocious flower because it blooms before the leaves.
    9. Incongruous
     Boots would look incongruous with an evening dress.
    10. Hedonist
     Do not live like a hedonist!

  3. 1. We will get fine if we were in compliance to pay the bill of credit card after the payment due date.
    2. I will buy replicate of an motorcycle for my brother as a present on his birthday.
    3. Sometimes, somebody extricate them self from their difficulties by running out from the problem.
    4. When I watched boxing competition on TV, I saw the boxer kept fighting despite many debilitating injuries.
    5.It’s unseemly in our culture to call someone by his or her name if he or she is older.
    6.There are no physical features apart from tall stature.
    7.My best friend monomania mainly manifested when she meandered by many shoe store at the mall.
    8.I enjoy watching precocious child on TV.
    9.Using sunglasses indoor would look incongruous.
    10. Now days many people become hedonist, because they think they get the true happiness of life on it, but actually it’s totally wrong.

  4. 1. Compliance: Failure to carry out the works in strict compliance with the plans could also result in refusal.
    2. Replicate: On entering a host cell, a virus will start to replicate.
    3. Extricate: In order for the child to live the doctor will have to extricate the bullet from his liver.
    4. Debilitate: There are also those who argue that cell phones ultimately empower rather than debilitate.
    5. Unseemly: In many conservative areas of the Southern United States, it is unseemly for women to play musical instruments in public.
    6. Stature: Women who are slight in stature are more prone to some bone diseases than women with more substantial frames.
    7. Monomania: Mine was a kind of tin-eared monomania that did little credit to its object.
    8. Precocious: The magnolia tree usually has a precocious flowering; its flowers blossom before it grows leaves. (early)
    9. Incongruous: “A gun in the hands of a child is incongruous with a peaceful upbringing.”
    10. Hedonist: John was known as a hedonist by his active pursuit of every pleasurable experience that life could bring.

  5. Precosious : One of my students from an early ages, shows precosious talent on drawing.

    Monomania : His monomania attitude towards the game online, causes him lots of money.

    Extricate : He is trying to extricate his friend from the awkward situation by making some jokes.

    Debilitate : The financial crisis which is happen in Indonesia debilitate some of the Bank and also the home industries.

    Unseemly : He looked unseemly today, just like having heavy burdens on his shoulder.

    Hedonist : The hedonist life style in Jakarta, forcing some parents to be much more careful to faced their teenagers.

    Replicate : The movie with a title ‘Dinosaurs’, where some scientist trying to replicate the extinct animals, shows that no one can play a role as GOD.

    Incongruous : She always come to campus with that incongruously dressing style.

    Compliance : We were having a compliance from the students parentss.

    Stature : That woman with a short stature and wearing the red hair-accessory is my friend.

  6. Compliance (Noun)
    The earthquake safety procedures should be included compliance with school regulations.

    Replicate (Verb)
    To avoid a professional theft’s action, the exhibition committee replicated the tiara and displayed the replica.

    Extricate (Verb)
    Lili and her daughter managed to extricate from the car accident last night.

    Debilitate (Verb)
    All food supply was blocked to the city, so the enemy debilitated and was expected to surrender.

    Unseemly (Adjective)
    It’s a formal party where the males wear tuxedo and females wear gown. But Betty looks unseemly in her short red dress.

    Stature (Noun)
    This organization was established to aids children who suffer cancer. It has held successful fund raising for five years consecutively. Its fame is in stature.

    Monomania (Noun)
    He is a monomania. When he is focused on one job, he can’t do other matters at the same time. Even he doesn’t let anyone bother him on his work.

    Precocious (Adjective)
    That precocious girl who could flawlessly mention country names around the world has signed contract with one of leading broadcastings. She is hosting children’s show with puppets.

    Incongruous (Adjective)
    The chronological story told by the suspect was incongruous. There were some facts unfit with the proof at the crime scene.

    Hedonist (Noun)
    He used to be a hedonist. After his parents cut the fund, he neither can hold any parties nor have glamorous life anymore. He’s been striving for living.

  7. Dear Sir, below is my respond to the assignment of Vocabulary.

    1. It’s his compliance that amazes me.
    2. Researchers tried many times to replicate the original experiment.
    3. It took hours to extricate the car from the sand.
    4. Chemotherapy exhausted and debilitated him.
    5. Merry thinks it unseemly to kiss her husband in public.
    6. Bernard is short in stature, with a large head.
    7. she has an obsession with the food that verges on monomania.
    8. She recorded her first CD at the precocious age of 12.
    9. It seems incongruous to have a woman as the editor of a men’s magazine.
    10. she was living in the life of a committed hedonist

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