Proposal Seminar Schedule (Even Semester 2011/12)


  1. sorry sir, my name is novelina susanti (0812150032) BS A’08.
    I can’t find my final score of seminar on ELT in my AIS.
    please,reply my message.Thank you sir

  2. I’m sorry sir, I’m going to change my proposal title
    This is my new title : The correlation between students’ writing skill and vocabulary skill in SMAN “X”

  3. Dear Mr. Parlin,
    I am Rini, one of your executive students for Seminar on ELT lesson, I would like to ask your opinion about my tittle “USING PHONIC VIDEO
    AN ACTION RESEARCH”, EY1 stands for kindergarten students A age for 4-5, what do you think Sir? .The due date is on the 28th of April Saturday, but can I meet you tomorrow to consult my proposal? I would like to ask you apologize since I never consult or asking any suggestion from you about my previous proposal, and I will do my best to finish the proposal on time. Thank you for your help and understanding

    1. Hello Harviarini,
      First of all, you need to clarify the meaning of “phonic” and “reading”. Phonic is related to speech sounds, while ‘reading’ is essentially related to the activity of getting message from a text. Thus, phonic has something to do with oral language, but reading is related to written language. How can you improve written language skills using an element of oral language skill? I suggest you to read articles of some recently published journals to get better topic to study. good luck!

  4. Hai Sir, first I made title ” Using phonics to develop children reading in kindergarten TB Christian school” but after I showed my first presentation, I decide to change my title ” using phonics to develop children spelling words in kindergarten… ” sorry I was late to reply my title because really difficult to find it. what do you think about my new title ?? thanks a lot Mr. Parlin. and God Bless your family.

    1. Hi Alena,
      I recommend you to rephrase the title to “Using Phonics to Develop Young Learners’ Spelling Skills” Then in the Research Scope section explain that the subjects of the research are … students of TB Christian Kindergarten.

      good luck!

  5. im sorry sir i think i want change my title again because i’ve got a bit much problem in running activities when i want to practice my theory about using song in youtube such as a secondary school is not connected with the internet. so i think i want to change my title with “correlation between teachers teaching using english language as a second language and their english learning achievement” how do you think sir?

  6. sir i have changed my title, so my new title is “student using Songs in YouTube to Improve vocabulary in secondary school”
    how do you think sir?

    1. Dear Sir,
      The last time we met, you agreed that my friends and I are going to present our proposal presentation on April 10th 2012, bcoz in this week our class are going to hold 2 times presentation ( wednesday, April 12th 2012) ,, but when I saw again in your new schedule, there is change,, so how about your decision Sir,, should we present it on Tuesday,april 10th 2012, or on wednesday, april 11th 2012 ?

  7. Sir, my name is Liznindia.
    I want to ask you. My name is nothing in your proposal schedule.
    My title is The Vocabulary Development of Street Children Community Members.
    When will I get presentation in seminar BS A?
    I hope you reply my message.
    Thank u, sir.

  8. sir…

    when I looked the schedule in the blog, why did you give red color in my tittle?
    should I change my tittle?

    thanks sir…

  9. Sir, I want to change my title..
    So, my new title is the correlation of teacher’s teaching mastery and student’s motivation to learn English of first grade students of pioneer international standard senior high school state 2 cibinong.
    thank you sir.

    1. Hi Nanda,
      Are you sure with the term “teaching mastery”? In my opinion, it’s better to use “teaching skills”, or “teaching ability”, or “teaching strategies”. What do you think?

      1. Sir, I’m sorry.
        I decide to use my first title about teacher’s speaking mastery and thank you for your suggestion, Sir.
        Sir, May we use the Indonesian’s references to support our thesis?
        Thank you, Sir.

  10. Sir, I chose to conduct the second title (Watching Western Movie with English Subtitle and Speaking Skill Development: Students (and Teachers)’ Perceptions)
    is this title similar with the title above?

    1. Hi Christine,
      It’s not clear yet, whether:
      1) Are you going to survey the perception of students, teachers, or both students and teachers?
      2) Are you going to describe the perception of the respondents on watching movie and speaking skill development only or to see the correlation between the 2 variables as well?

      Please decide!

        1. Good idea! In relation to that, I suggest you to modify the title as follows: The Use of Western Movie with English Subtitle in Speaking Skill Development: Students and Teachers’ Perceptions
          Good luck!

  11. Last time I have changed my title, should I send it again mr?
    and can we change each other if we haven’t ready yet at the time you schedule us?

    1. Hi Sri,
      I’ve rechecked the previous title change of your. However, to make it more interesting, I suggest you to restate it as follows: “Improving EFL Young Learners’ Vocabulary Using Story Telling: an Action Research”

      Yes, you can suit your presentation turn to another students as far as the schedule is not interrupted.

  12. Dear all attendees of Seminar Classes.
    To enable you to carry out your research sooner, I’ve rescheduled the research proposal seminar. Please check the new schedule above, and if you have objection to it, or if you need to rephrase/change your title, please post your comment. All objections and corrections are acceptable up to April 7, 2012.

    Best regards,

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