8. Education in USA


  1. sorry sir, I’m late to post my assignment

    1. I agree with statement which said “students are lamps to be lit”. Students said to be lit, because actually they have big potential which exploited yet. Each student has different potential and this is the duty of teacher to exploit their potential. Teacher is the central determiner to accomplish their goal. Every eye and ear must focus on the teacher. After that, we can encourage them until they get their goal. So, students are lamps to be lit which capable being light in darkness.
    2. Yes I agree with egalitarian relationship between lecturers and students. Have a good relation with lecturers is good. We can more close with them and don’t clumsiness if we ask about the subject which not understand. We will like their subject because we already comfort with the lecturers and automatically we get good score because the subject which we love. Besides, we should still have respect for them as leader in class.

    that’s all, thanks

  2. 1. Yes, I do agree with the quote “Students are lamps to be lit”. Because, like a lamp that lights up, as student, we should be lit to illuminate all around us by showing our strengths and capabilities. If we use the excess for something positive, it will make us as the light that illuminates the darkness. We also must be a good example to the others, so that we can be lamps to be lit.

    2. Yes, I agree. Because, people are usually easier to talk and share with friends. So, if a lecturer wants to be closer to the students, lecturer should have good relationships with students outside class hours. That way will make no distance between students and lecturer; it will help the communication between them. Good communication will make students feel comfortable to talk and share with the lecturer about their problems and something they have not understood about the lessons.

  3. Hi Sir,, Marry Christmas,, I’m so sorry sir just reply the assg. now. this is my answers :

    1.Yes I do. I agree with statement that the students are the vessel to be filled because the vessel is basically a place that must be filled by something useful so that the result will be in accordance with what is desired, such as vessel was filled with the coffee that comes out of the vessel it is coffee, the same as with students, students are the vessel to be filled with useful knowledge to train themselves to be the person they want, it would require a teacher who must teach and provide direction and knowledge to equip them to pursue their goals in the future.
    2.Yes,I do. My opinion is when the relationship between lecturer and students become friends so their relationship will be closer than a lecturer should position itself as a lecturer. If a lecturer position itself as a friend so the communication will be more focused and not awkward, lecturers will be more difficult to understand what students are facing so that teachers understand and explain the problem. In my experience during high school, at that time I had a teacher who positioned himself as a friend, so many students who became his close friend and share the story to the teacher.

  4. 1. I agree with the statement that tells “students are lamp to be lit”. In my opnion students have their own creativity, thought in their life and it is not only derived fom formal school, but their envirounment, family and the other else has helped them to be what they are. They have it since they are baby. School is actually a place where they can explore educational, to add their knowledge and shape their mind to be better. Thats why students need to use and explore their knowledge, creativity to be useful and we can call them as a light that give beam to the others.
    2. Yes, I agree. Students actually really need to have comfortable situation to make them relax when they are studying. Just in USA universities which lecturers tend to create egalitarian relationship with students, but they keep also the position of authority and evaluate tests objectively. I think this is the good way for students to keep the relation, eventhough they know that the lecturer have a good relation with them but they have to know the rules, they have to behaved, because lecture is their leader. Moreover in teaching learning process both of them (lecturer and students) have a close relation so that every process will run well, students do not feel afraid to tell it or ask to the lecturer in teaching and learning process. On the other hand lecture also have to objective to every students without thinking which one is closer to him, so every result is pure based on the students ability.

  5. Hello Sir.. This is my assignment about Education in USA 🙂

    1. I agree with the statement “Students are lamps to be lit”. It is better turning lights than anathematize darkness . For preparing with the maximum as a students must dream about what will they do after graduation even for a time their life . Dreams is important because it is a flow of electricity of a lamp in which light without it cannot be lighted . With dreaming , a student can direct all his best efforts and use their time well to reach the dream . They will be responsible to the course was and pass by satisfactory . he will assiduous and to initiate the work so as to give the best to their parents and around them .

    2. Yes, I am agree with the lectures tend to create egalitarian relationship with students in U.S Universities. They treat them as equals and may have close social relationship with them outside of the class but keep the position of authority and evaluate tests objectively.Relationship between students and lectures is a good activity. It causes with a good relationship both of them can make a good interaction, so that hopefully students use their time wisely and can improve their knowledge more and more . Students will not be shy to ask any more lessons or anything they want to know to their lectures.

    Thank you.
    Have a nice day all.
    Jesus Bless us 🙂

  6. 1. Students are lamps to be lit. Students actually have the power that may be has not be seen. Therefore, they should be helped to develop what inside them, so it can be useful for others, just like the lamps can light a place or room so everything can be seen.

    2. Yes, I agree. Sometimes it is easier to study and discuss with our friends or close people. It is why the egalitarian relationship between lectures and students is needed with the keeping position of authority of lectures because beside the close relation as a friend, lecturers are called as “center” or “leader” that actually cannot be same when we have relation with our friends and students should consider for that. By close relation there is no clumsiness between both of them. If there is a distance between lecturers and students, I am sure that the students do not like to talk more about their opinions, asking for more or what they have not understood about the lessons or subjects or other knowledges. Therefore, the learning is limited just in the class with limited time and the little that students get. By evaluating tests objectively, it makes the students do not tend to make a close relation just for making to be “special students” to get good score. In the other hand, evaluating tests objectively will develop a close qualified relationship.

  7. 1. I agree with students are not a vessel to be filled, but a lamp to be lighted because education is meant to ignite the passions of children rather than to just fill up their heads with knowledge. Children’s minds are not empty spaces – they are not functioning in the dark – their intelligence is not ‘in the dark’, but they will be brought forth, lit up, by their natural flame, in the hands of the right educator finding ways to encourage and develop what is already there.

    2. I do agree with the lecture-student relationship because the lecture-student relationship is very important. The lecture and students must have a good relationship. As students, we should be able to put ourselves where we should be serious in learning and outside the classroom. Students should always respect lecture.

  8. 1. Yes, I agree students are lamps to be lit, as lights that illuminate darkness , students in expected capable of illuminating nation such as, the knowledge in get in a school that can be light for a illiterate people , and share knowledge to the needy .
    2. I agree with such lecturers-students relationship, a teacher should not just as educator for students but also have to get so friend for students , in this case students also need to know the limitations misbehave, do not treat teacher her as his peers. Students must respect his teacher, obeying regulations. and besides in the school also there be no privilege for every students , even though have close ties to be in would same.

  9. 1. Yes I agree with “students are vessels to be filled”, because student is someone who is studying and learning, and this time is moment to acquiring knowledge on an academic subject, especially book. The learning process is process from not knowing to knowing. This is when the brain memory is filled with a variety of knowledge as a vessel that must be flown to fill the other.
    2. Yes, I agree with “lecturers tend to create egalitarian relationship with students’, because the learning process should be conducted in safe zone. There is no tension between lecturer and student. This condition can be created in class and outside the classroom, because there is term “in class is my teacher but outside class is my friend”. This means, that when student behave in class in accordance with its role of respect for lecturer and lecturer in providing objective assessment. Thank you.

  10. 1. I do agree with the quote said that students are the lamp to be lit because a lamp lightens a room only if u press the switch on. Otherwise, the lamp is useless. It is the same with student. Student already have the inner resources. The resources meant are resources of brain and body that have been owned since birth. The brain and the body are the most powerful resources, which belong to every one since they were born into this world. If these resources are used effectively, internal resources will empower us to get any external physical resources needed to help us achieve the goals we want. So these resources just need to be activated so that they will give the light for the students to obtain what they want and produce all the desired things in life, otherwise the resources are useless.

    2. I do agree with the student-teacher relationship because first, having good relationship with the teacher does not mean that the student will have privilege from the teacher. The teacher should treat equally the student and evaluate objectively without interfering his relationship with the student in the class room . Education should be a universal, not privilege. Second, having good relationship with the teacher does not mean that the student treat the teacher like their friends who have the same age with them. Even though the teacher joking or playing with the student, they authority is still above the student, which the student should aware, respect, and obey.

    Thank you….:)

  11. 1. Well, I agree with the view which said students are lamps to be lit, because students are like lamps that give light to others. Students were educated and formed in each field is to give it back to others, as lights that illuminate the darkness, so also students give good examples to another people ( e g. a positive attitude and good deed). So students with the people who are not erudite different either in a way of thinking or in the manner of being.
    2. Yes, I do. Because the teacher is a leader who could become best friends, parents, teachers and mentors. a professional teacher must be able to collocated third the role. At the time in class is a teacher who teach and assess objectively and outside the classroom they are friends, parents where there is a time to joke and friends share at the moment there are difficulties and problems. so between teachers and students created harmonious relationships and mutual respect.
    Thank You

  12. Dear all attendees of CCU Class,
    To see your understanding on the topic entitled “Education in the US”, post your answer to each of the following questions.

    1. Which do you agree with, students are vessels to be filled or students are lamps to be lit? Why?

    2. In U.S. universities, lecturers tend to create egalitarian relationship with students. They treat them as equals and may have close social relationship with them outside of the class but keep the position of authority and evaluate tests objectively. Do you agree with such lecturers-students relationship? Why?

    Good luck!

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