4. Elements of Fiction


  1. Mr.Parlin First I wanna say thanks a lot for giving me a chance to make this story, God bless you Sir…..
    True Love by Isaac Asimov.
    Respond first when I read I was thinking that the outside many people have same problem like Milton David so, and truly I confused to him, I think he is a rules man and so really hard person and has high standard to get wife. i don’t like him.
    He is a programmer and He has a computer He called Joe maybe maid I called because always He needs help from Joe the computer. he lives with technology everyday he talks with Joe and the technology makes him forget to get wife, Joe is his best friend and Joe is computer not person. Milton Davidson has a desire that he wanted to get the best woman and he wanna marry her, he has been already 40 years old and miss to get true love in his life. how can he will get the true love if he wants to he put the high standard like IQ under 120, height under 150 centimeters and over 175 centimeters, he eliminated women living with children eliminated woman with various genetic characteristics e, don’t like red hair, so high standard he put and when he got 235 woman he said “he can’t interview all, it would take too much time ” of course poor Milton.
    I think he has never gotten the true love because he really not enjoy person until the end we could see he said to Joe that Joe is the true love he needs. he was wrong with his minded true love not talk about performance ( outer side ) but true love someone can receive him accept unconditionally condition,poor Milton.

  2. True Love by Isaac Asimov

    The story of True Love by Isaac Asimov tells about a scientist named Milton Davidson who is expert at computer. As a programmer, he uses his computer called Joe for his personal use of finding a perfect woman for himself, and ultimately true love. He teaches Joe to speak after the way the human brain works. This is the first step in the process of making a machine act more like humans, and giving it personality. The author has set up the rest of the story through foreshadowing to show a computer could posssibly one day have the same actions as a person.

    Both Joe and Milton have static characteristics. Joe, as a computer, is just a thing that can be controlled by a human. It shows a loyalty to its partner, Milton. He always tries to do what Milton wants to do, from getting the data banks of every human being in the world using Multivac-complex, eliminating all men and women with specific characteristics, till finding the right woman for Milton. Even though in the end of the story, there is a little change in Joe. It breaks the rules by taking Milton’s position. However, computer is a computer that does not have any heart, brain and manner.

    On the other hand, Milton is a single man who has a high intelligence. He is able to create a computer and makes its programmes based off the human brain. He is also perfectionist in finding a perfect woman as his true love by eliminating women by their ages and various genetic characteristics. In addition he is unlucky person when he has to search his partner life in his nearly fourty. From the beginning of the story, the condition of Milton does not have any change. He is still single till the end of the story.

    The story makes clear how hard it is to find the perfect partner in life. Even if you find the woman who looks just right, it is always a two-way street. If she does not like you, there is nothing you can do about it. But would it be bad to own a computer like Joe, who could find the right partner for you? Technology will bring us to our future that can help us to solve difficult problems but not about feeling. Do you not love someone because you make special experiences with him or her, because you like even the mistakes he or she has. How can a computer help us out there? After all I do not think it is good to depend that much on a machine. We already cannot live without it anymore. What will happen if it starts controlling our life in every single way? Machine like Joe, which has its own mind, will not help but control. Like in this story, the machine takes over the human role in the end. In my opinion computer can help us doing our work and communicating with each other, but not finding a partner to fall in love with.

    1. Hello Sri Dewi,

      Good response and analysis! But, are you sure Joe is static? The computer you should analyze is Joe in the story, not the ones we used to work with in real life. Don’t you think the fact that Joe takes Milton’s girl over is not a radical change in Joe’s character?

  3. Milton is a programmer. He has a computer, Joe. It always helps him in finding everything. Milton wants to get his true love through the computer. He asked Joe to find women who fit the criteria of Milton. Joe managed to select women according to the desired Milton. Unfortunately, after a meeting with the woman, Milton didn’t get the feeling with the woman. Finally, Milton gave up because he did not manage to find true love.
    Milton is smart person but he is antagonist. He is very picky, so naturally he has not been able to get true love. Method of characterization in this story is expository that is major character (Milton) always be discussed by the other character (Joe). Joe tells all things about Milton of this story. This story is static because from the first until finish story, Milton doesn’t get solution to get happiness.
    True love by Isaac Asimov is an interesting story and gives awareness to be able to be ourselves. We can learn and aware that technology is increasing in this world. However, we must efficient to use technology especially computer. Most people are very fanatic with computer to spend their life. The computer has many functions, but we don’t just rely on a computer to get something. The computer is just only technology.

    1. Hi Nilam,

      You managed to characterize Milton. However, to make it more complete, you need to include his bio-data and explain why he is an antagonist. In addition, make sure that your expressions are grammatical so that your ideas are easy to perceive. For instance, what do you mean by “This story is static …?”

  4. Hello Mr.Parlin… I’m trying to give my response about “True Love”

    True Love is supposed to be unconditional but in this story the true love that Milton sees before him is not only conditional but the conditions themselves were determined by Joe the computer. Milton’s interaction with Joe, however, is unconditional. May be Asimov was trying to tell us that we all have unconditional love and even true love with our computers. Can one imagine all of the love delta’s that process in the brain of the CPU that was Joe’s heart. Milton’s request of Joe is can only be one of 1’s and 0’s even as realistic as Joe can seem to be Milton’s human counterpart. It can only be that true love exists in a genuine human interaction with real cells and actual syntax flowing through a synapse of the mind. Is this why only so few “people” could be drawn up from the calculations, because that’s all that the responses from Joe could be, that were supposedly women? Women aren’t binary items to be collected bit by bit to be determined feasible to a relationship by a network of transistors and wires. What makes this machine better than any other machine? I think one is just as well to ask a calculator what things we should eat or who we should date. It’s come to the point where computers do tell us the best thing to do.
    Our minds are irreplaceable, especially when it should be used as the only tool to love. Joe didn’t even have restrictions in code and Milton allowed “him” to go find the right woman for him. How can a computer like Joe tell a living, breathing human being who to love. Even with today’s virtual environments and personal simulators and simulations, computers are only bits and pieces of electronic pulses that should not be used to tell us what to do but should only help us see information.
    There are a lot of people out there who base love on a number on a web page. It doesn’t matter how many “categories” there are, love is analog, not digital. There is a chance that one day that a computer may emulate life so well that the computer itself may want the woman for itself and become the “super user” of itself and remove the user, in this case Milton, from the universe. It may learn to remove the user, but will it know that what it is doing is wrong? Would it know the difference to not do so? Would it know the difference between love and hate, right and wrong or life and death? I think that society may be on a dangerous path of giving computers too much responsibility no matter how “efficient” the help of moving ones and zeroes along is. May be in the case of Asimov’s True Love, the computer may one day feel “sorry” for Milton because he has so few choices for true love or even smaller yet, infatuation. And in the computer’s pity for Milton, removes him from society as a corrupted file, a virus of society who “sadly” cannot find a way to find his loving electron or proton depending his charge at the moment. Argument after argument, the computer, Joe, in this case will want to calculate whether Milton should love or if Joe could love better than Milton and remove him. Computers may have a part in the selection process, but in no means should they say who is or who is not the right picks.
    Do computers go out hand in hand on dates with real souls with real love? One would be inclined to think no. Even in the form of androids (computers with the emulated body and mind of a human being) could not determine such a thing. In the end, it is the will of the soul deep inside the human being that will determine the love, the true love that one certainly must desire.

  5. true Love

    The True Love Story tells of a computer is very smart, and sophisticated named Joe. Joe was created by Milton, a great expert in the field of computers. Joe Milton created a very clever, because he has more capabilities that are not owned by another computer. Joe Hamilton was created to help find her true love, for nearly 40 years old Milton was not married. Through Joe, Milton can select those women around the world. Milton is entrusting everything to Joe. Until at last met with the Charity Jones after so many women are selected and eliminated by various criteria. But in the end Joe who has a chance to get Charity Jones, because Milton was arrested for his illegal actions.
    This story is very interesting to read, because the author describes the technology has the power to humans. Which can be seen, sometimes people relied heavily (all purposes) to a computer. For the Milton’s character this is not good, because he manipulated data, and can only rely on a computer in search of a true love. But from this story we got to learn, that as good and as advanced as any man-made technology, can not be used as a handle. Technological prowess is a good thing, but to get something we want not only depend on technology. The main thing in getting something is real action and communication to others. No matter how great the technology was created, not necessarily able to give a true happiness, and not necessarily give us a true love. Technology is only an auxiliary facilities, the rest of the action and communication is a very important role in determining the outcome of what we want.

    Thank you Sir..

  6. “True Love”

    Milton Davidson programmer he was nearly 40 years he never found true love he needs (ia want) ideal girl but he did not find Match wishes. In search of true love Milton Too select from the Physical Not From the emotional and temperamental ..

    1. Hello Mega,
      This sounds to be a summary only. You need to express what you think and/or feel about the story. In addition, you should also write an analysis of one of the characters.

  7. This story is interesting,because this story shows about most of people habits now on. Sometimes we are too busy to use technology to help us to do everything and thinking that we can reach or get everything instantly. The main point that I got from this story is the people need technology as long as we can use it in a right way and in the correct capacity,and we cannot say that technology is everything,because technology is human made. The character of Milton is antagonist,because he tried to get a perfect woman for himself,only from her physical performance without thinking about her feeling and emotion. Finally he didn’t get anyone,because he expected too much from his hand made.

    1. Hi Roimma,

      You should have divided this post of yours into two parts: one for reader response and another one for character analysis. Don’t write too simple. You should apply the theory we discussed related to characterization. So, would you please rewrite this? Good luck.

  8. True Love by Isaac Asimov
    True Love is telling about a scientist named Milton Davidson that is either socially. Davidson is the best in his field of computer scientist. Milton Davidson is incapable of looking the right woman for himself, so he decides to use his experimental computer named Joe to track down the his ideal woman. Milton attacks his task by going through an intellectual model of what would make the ideal woman.
    In the story True Love by Isaac Asimov, we are lead into a society that is in control of people through technology and what could happen if it goes beyond its assigned powers. Society is on a path of technological domination, technology being the main contributor to many aspects of life. Asimov creates an instance of computer revelation in a very short time. The first aspect of the story is regarding the use of technology both positively and negatively in our society now and in the future. The next aspect is in regards to our own personal view of true love, and whether or not a computer could have an emotion that we as a society usually regard as our most precious emotion. Technology has both positive and negative in our society is prominent today. Some of the positive aspects include the ability to house all the books of the entire world on a single computer, even give us pleasure of entertainment. However, it is also just as easy to find technology being used negatively and just one word is needed to start an onslaught of those negatives. The computer does not have morals and it is easy to see what happens when a person has anti-social behavior, they tend to be the criminals. True Love it seems Joe is almost Milton’s child in development but Asimov displays the ease a computer can break a human bond when Joe sends Milton to jail in attempts to keep the woman they found for himself. These are the reasons we as a society must balance technological achievements between the positives and negatives as eventually one of the negatives could become a dominant force.

  9. True Love by Asimov.
    This story tells about Milton as computer programmer and Joe as computer. Milton was 40 years old and he has never married. Milton was trying to find his true love. Milton asks Joe to find a perfect woman. Joe saved many data about the woman and he gives Milton some girls to choose, but there wasn’t perfect to Milton’s criteria. Joe hides someone who has perfect criteria for him,and he didn’t tell Milton about this girl. Finally, Milton gave up and joe got this girl.

    This story tells us about technology. Sometimes people use technology to solve their problem. People think that too easy to do somethIng with the modern technology, and the biggest technology nowadays is computer.

    Milon was smart. He can create Joe by himself. But he was too busy and doesn’t have much time to get a relationship with a girl. Then he asks his computer to find him a true love, a perfect woman. He thinks that his computer can do everything. But to find a true love you must find it in real life and by yourself. Milton doesn’t confident and use Joe to find his love. Technology doesn’t the primary. Try to confidence with yourself.

    That’s my response. Thank you sir. God bless 🙂

  10. “True Love” is about a computer scientist that “understands more about computers than anyone in the world” creates an experimental computer he calls Joe. Milton Davidson, the scientist, decides that he has put a lot of work into making computers that help other people but they never help him. As a result Milton decides he will use Joe to find his perfect woman and true love.
    Milton Davidson – A computer scientist or Programmer that is the best in his field, Looking for true love
    The main character is a computer programmer who works on Multivac the world’s greatest supercomputer. He has created a program that he alone controls. Among the things that it has access to is the personal information on everyone on earth. This computer programmer decides that he will use this information to find the perfect woman. because he think that technology can give anything that he want, including the True Love.
    point from this story is in finding true love we should not be too believe in technology, although the technology can facilitate the people in finding something new, but besides that the technology also has weaknesses. because technology can not guarantee to find the “True Love” because not everything we want can be realized with technology. Likewise true love, we can only feel from heart and believe to ourselves.

    1. Hello Yesi,
      It seems you tried to combine both reader response and character analysis. However, both become ‘too simple’. I’d like you to write deeper analysis, by applying the theories we have studied, such as methods of characterization, protagonist/antagonist, developing/static, etc.

      Good luck!

  11. The story of True Love is telling about man who wants to find his true love with his computer robot help. A 40 years old man, Milton Davidson is a programmer. Joe is his computer robot. Joe can speak and think like human, it also connected with other parts all over the world. Milton improves Joe to find his true love, one ideal girl in the world. Milton fills all his sense and feeling, tells everything that he knows about himself to Joe. The way of its work is when Milton says something, Joe starts to do his instructions. Day by day, he doesn’t get his true love even Joe help him. Then he leaves and entrusts Joe to find the girl according to it. Finally, Joe finds one girl, Charity Jones for its choice. The problem comes, Joe loves Charity as its true love. In the same time, Milton are arrested because this illegal program. Unfortunately, he has gone before Valentine’s Day. In the end, Joe thinks that Charity is its true love and she will operate and care for it.

    The point of this story is we always think that by using advanced technology, we can get all of our purposes. Actually it is not right, even technology has a great dedication for human being, it also has a weakness and error. We must not to believe technology, just believe ourselves.

  12. Isaac Asimov ’s True Love
    This story show us how’s people life now days. Life which is instantly. We can not deny that we love that style, instantly life. We want to get everything as fast as we want. And now we now also that what we called as Technology has taken us to that life. Technology helps us to come to that life. The same thing also to Milton Davidson. He is a creative and smart man, he created an excelent computer called Joe to complete his life. He thought that everything he can do and get through that computer . What a very lovely life!. He does not think that he is lonely because he spent most of his time with his computer, Joe and what a very nice Joe, it can also speak. It can respond what Milton talk to him.
    Moreover, he asked Joe to find what he are looking for, True Love. He was busy to find it through technology, sociality become less. Now, in our daily life most of us do it also. We are too busy using technology to help us in everything even to find our true love. Especially using social networking. But, we do not realize that it can bring us to ‘the wrong life ’, it can bring us to a disorganized life. That is also that bring Milton to the wrong way and unconsciously the technology which he created and believed making good life for him already put him in bad situation because he had broke the law, he did it all illegal.
    From this story we can learn that anything especially technology can take us to to a better life if we use it in a right way, in the other hand it can take us also in a bad situation if we do not know how to handle our self for using it according to our needs.

  13. The story of “True Love” tells about Joe, a Multivac-complex computer with its operator, Milton Davidson, an intelligent programmer. How Milton has an intimate relation with his private computer, so he has known all of the parts of the computer, even he makes the programs and arranges them for the Joe. Joe will do all of the commands from Milton. Milton has not yet got married though he is nearly 40 years old. Because of that, he wants to find a woman, his true love. He makes the planning that of course will involve Joe. By the helping of Joe, he arranges the programs that will bring the woman to him. He works with Joe to realize all of his programs and all are done successfully until they find a woman – Charity Jones – an evaluator at the library of history in Wichita, Kansas that Joe- the computer, thinks that she is the best one although it must be done illegally. In the end of the story, Milton should be arrested because of his illegal programs that is considered as the manipulation just one day before Valentine`s Day. Finally, Charity will come and meet Joe, the smart computer that has kept everything about Milton.

    For the first I read the title of ‘True Love’, in my mind immediately I will imagine that I will read the story of something that is romantic and full of love story between a boy and a girl or a man and a woman. It is actually contrast when I read the story. It tells about the computer and its programmer. What kinds of love story? but I read continually until get the ending of the story, Joe-the computer which will meet the woman on Valentine`s Day, while Milton who really need the true love must be arrested and cannot enjoy his idea. Poor Milton! He thinks that he can do anything by his smart brain and idea with his computer without has real relation and meets other people, even to have a relation with a woman for him just can be done by using his programs.

    To do our works, interests, hobbies or improve our ideas alone is very good, but don`t forget to have a real relation with people around us, around our house or everywhere we exist and live. The smart technology, even in high competition, surely has the lack. By using technology tools only, don`t guarantee that we will get a happy life and satisfaction. We absolutely still need other people, our partner in life or work. Someone or something doesn`t come to ourselves suddenly, but we also should go out and find them.

  14. The War Prayer by Mark Twain is tell about our attitude when we are confronted with something. Twain use many imagery in this story and he want to tell us to manage and think what we said before we said it, because everybody hear that and maybe it can happen. For example, in this story we can find an aged stranger come to church and pray. He did’t think before he said his pray. After he finished his pray, Twin did’t continue to write the story. Here, Twin wants us to think, whether the action the person is true or not.

    The message from this story is be careful when we say something to people. Just remember, what we are saying could happen. So, let;s thinking before say something.

    I want to analyze character from an aged stranger.

    In this story, we can conclude that an aged stranger is a fanatic people, impatient and do not care about other people’s opinions. When minister was giving thanks for blessings and victories of the Lord, suddenly he comes and starts his prayer. But content of his prayer weird.
    In this story, Twain’s character is first person observer, because Twain is not involved. Point of view of this story is limited omniscient narrator. The setting is this story is natural, because Twain use situation that people must do war to defend their country.

    Thank You, Sir

    1. Hi Neeta,
      I see you tried hard to get the point of the story. However, do you think the aged stranger really didn’t understand what he said? Would you please reread the story?

      1. This story starts out with a heartwarming, almost poetic look at a community’s patriotism during war time, and it ends with a crushing blow which calls into question everything the community believes about God, prayer, and patriotism.

        The truth is Mark Twain did not intend to warm the hearts of American troops, or encourage their families even though America was in fact at war when this story was written.

        Who prayed for the protection and victory of the soldiers in this story were at best subconsciously cold and callus, and at worst hateful sadist. One could imagine that if the prayer in this story were a prayer made by the president in front of congress instead of a local pastor in front of his congregation, it may have better illustrated the point that Mark Twain was making.

        At the time this story was written most Americans probably trusted that America was fighting on the side of good. The local pastor and congregation would feel a moral responsibility to pray exactly as Mark Twain’s story represents that they prayed. Just as the war the government had gotten America into was offensive to Mark Twain, his conclusion that God would twist the prayers of his people to some evil end would have been offensive to many Christians.

        according to: http://www.helium.com/items/2232395-short-story-reviews-the-war-prayer-by-mark-twain

  15. True love (Asimov)
    On the surface this story is about human nature in daily life. When a man has reached a successful life and forgot to find a woman who would be his wife, like Milton. The special thing in this story is Milton has a computer, Joe. Joe not only can speak as well as Milton but also it can think like him. What a very great computer Joe is. Through this story Asimov wants to chew out others who think technology can give them everything that they want. However, we know that the computer is also human creativity. How can it give us everything we need?

    For me, this story is very interesting because now we exist in globalization. Where technology plays an important role in all aspects of human life, including a computer, which has become one of the greatest human needs. Like Milton, sometimes we also search out true love through the computer, especially from social networking. We think same as Milton has done, he is very smart that is why he can create Joe. We think that we can get someone who will be our true love. Maybe we just spend a lot of time by sitting behind the computer to play on the social networking. It is not quite true, but it would be wrong if we rely on it, forgetting there are the other useful activities than that, even that we forget a great power of God.

    The main point which I get from this story is we need technology as long as it is in the correct capacity, but do not ever think that technology is everything, because one time we could be killed by it.
    I think that is all about my respond, thank you so much Sir !

  16. Dear all,

    Please post your response to Twain’s “The War Prayer” or Asimov’s “True Love”. In addition, choose a character from the short story you responded to and analyze him or her below your response.

    Good luck!

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