2.a. Fiction as a Literary Genre & Uses of Fiction


  1. Dear Mr. Parlin
    I am going to give response about the short story entitled “Bill” by Zona Gale.
    In this story we know about two characters, the father, Bill and his daughter, Minna. Bill is a carpenter. He was left by his wife because of the illness of his wife. He becomes a single parent after all the problems that happened to his family. He has to raise Mina by himself. Become a father plus a mother for Minna, is not easy because as a girl Minna needs a figure of a mother. One day when Bill go to the doctor to have some check up, he find that a disease is in him. The doctor tells him that his life is only for six months left. On the condition Bill is so afraid to accept that, because he thinks that Minna still needs him. Then he writes in the newspapers about adopted child. People come and go because Bill always says “No” to the people; he has found the right person yet. Until a spouse that has just lost their daughter come and ask Bill to accept them to be the adopted parents for Minna. Then Bill has to leave Minna with her new parents that love her much. In the way Minna go, he cries because he loves his daughter much and he never hear the voice of that girl anymore.
    From the short story, I want to focus in the character of Bill. Being a single parent is not easy for Bill. He learns much after he has left by his wife because of illness. From cooking, cleaning the hose until taking care Minna and her doll. Bill always gives Minna his best. He never had been thought that he will leave Minna alone in this world. Bill shows himself as a responsible father. Even though he is busy with his business he still takes care of Minna. He loves his daughter much. I think the way what Bill do is a reflection of a good parent. Not like the way some parents do nowadays, leaving their child even they try to kill their child by abortion. This short story is a good example for the parents in the world that they have to take care the children as a God present. A child can be our bridge in our future life.

  2. My Dear Lecturer Mr.parlin.
    Sir thank you for giving me a chance, God bless you sir.
    Bill by Zona Gale.
    hhhhmmmm Sir really touch my heart as a teacher in kindy, I’m so really give appreciate when daddy or father picked up their child from school, nice story and many fathers must read this story ,really can’t handle my heart, I wanna cry, really touch… read about this story makes me awesome with this person. Bill was thirty when his wife died.and he has a little child, named minna, she is four years old when her mom died, He provided all his daughter needs, really good daddy and be a responsible dad, he knew that he was sick he prepared the parent to his daughter, “a man with a few months more to live would like nice people to adopt his little girl ” Bil hoped that a couple could take care his little daughter. really the hero Daddy.

  3. Zona Gale’s “Bill”

    In my opinion, this story has left me with a tear rolling down my cheek, waiting for more, and a great hope that some wonder happens in which Bill get better and stays again with his daughter.
    Also, I think it is so hard for a father to know the future of his life but not the upcoming up of his little daughter in the care of two or more strangers. Maybe he thought the change will be better for Minna because of the feeding according with her age (which he did not do it very well) or because she wouldn’t be alone but not because of the true love that parents give to a daughter.
    According to the title, in my opinion, this reveals that it is a story about a man call Bill, but it doesn’t really show an idea about the content of the tale, maybe the title of the story could be “Say good bye to my love”, or “The most difficult decision of my life” or something more interesting.

  4. Dear Mr. Parlin

    This my assigment

    BILL (Zona Gale)

    Bill was thirty when his wife died , and little Mina was four. Bill’s carpetner shop was in the yard of his house, so he thought that he could keep his home for Mina and himself. Bill could cook a little, coffee and bacon and fried patatoes and flapjack, and he found bananas and sardines and crackers useful. When the woman next door said it was not the diet for four years olds, he ask her to teach to cook oatmeal and vegetables, and thought he was always burned the dishes in which he cooked these things, he cooked them everyday. He swept , all but corners, and he dusted, dabbing at every object ; and he complained that after he had cleaned the windows he could not see as well as he could before.

    When Mina was old enough to go to kindergarten, Bill used to take her morning or afternoon , and he would call for her . Once he dressed himself in his best clothes and went to visit the school. “ I think her mother would of, “ he told the teacher, diffidently. But he could make a little of the . Mina was six when Bill ill. On a May afternoon he went to a doctor. When he came home, he sat in his shop for a long time and did nothing. He was not going to get well. It might be that he had six months.

    He tried to think what to do. He had a sister in Nebraska, but she was a tired woman. His wife had a brother in the city, but he was a man of man of many words.
    A man with a few months more to live would nice people to adopt his little girl, six, blue eyes, curls. References required.

    The man and woman who walked into Bill’s shop on morning were still mourning their own little girl. That day he spent in the shop. It was summer and Minna was playing in the yard. When they came for the next morning, he had her ready , washed and mended and he had mended her doll.

    The character of Bill is protagonist, Bill is a single parents, he has a little girl his name Minna. He try to be a good father. Minna was six when his father fell ill. The doctor say he has six month . The major in this story is Bill and Minna is a minor. Bill in this story is static and this story round.

  5. Dear Sir,
    Below is my response to Zona Gale’s Bill

    WHAT A TOUCH STORY! Bill is a short story which Gale tells us about a single parent who has to try his best to raise his six years old daughter, Minna. After checking his condition he is convicted by some doctors that he was suffering from severe pain and has only six more months to live. Then Bill advertises in a city paper that he has considered to find someone else to look up for his daughter. The first woman who comes in limousine is ignored because she holds her nose in the air. Finally Minna is adopted by a couple who was still mourning because their daughter has just died and the poor Minna seems happy when her new parents bring her.

    The main character of this story is Bill. The whole part of the story tells mainly about him. He described as a single parent whose job as a carpenter. He is a good father and full of affection. He tries his best to raise her daughter, Minna. When he is convicted that he has only six more months to live, he tries to prepare the best for Mina’s future.

    This story is set in a modern city. City paper, limousine and doctors indicate that the setting is in the big city in the modern era.

    To sum up, this story is written in a popular style and easy to understand. After reading this short story I learn a lot about life experience, that even Bill is suffering and has only six months to live, he keeps struggling to give his best to his daughter. I highly recommend this short story to anyone else as a reminder that you should give what you have to please your loved ones in both good and difficult times even lives at a stake.

  6. Hello Mr.Parlin… This is my response about “Bill ”

    Bill is Mina’s hero, he gave his life for his daughter. He looked after her and the future of hers. I know that is so common that a woman plays the role of father and mother at the same time, and as we know, they know, how to do it well, because the maternal instinct leads them toward the right decision (most of them), but I think that a man playing that role would be in hard situation because even (as the man) when we try to be so tender, some how we show our rude form of the male gender.
    I could understand how a mistaken or correct decision can alter extremely our life or closed familiars’ lives. Bill had to take a determination that would change his daughter’s fate. Maybe, some people think what Bill made was something selfish because Minna could not decide what to do with her own life no matter is she was too young or not. But Bill had not options; he was dying and his family could not care of Minna as he did it. So, he had to take a hard decision: give her daughter in adoption. It is said that we cannot judge people until walk in their shoes.

    The story of Bill is using expository methods, where the character are discussed either by author or other characters (Bill is a major as the first character). For the classification of characters, Bill is protagonist in reader’s empathy and has got a flat complexity. Bill has got a static development in this story.

  7. Bill
    This story is about a father having 6-year-old daughter. At the beginning of the story, he lived happily with her daughter after his wife passed away. No longer, he was diagnosed having cancer and his time was 6 more months. He was very sick, yet he still thought about his daughter’s future. He didn’t want t abandon her and let her suffering. Then he decided to try some ways. First, he tried to find any relatives who wanted to take Mina, his daughter. He was talking t his cousin and his wife’s sister. He felt they were not the right people for taking care of Mina. His nice neighbor suggested him to make an advertisement. At first, there was a rich family coming by to his shop. They looked an honorable people while getting off their luxurious car. When he talked to him, apparently they were not nice people. They were so snobby that he was sure that Mina wouldn’t be happy with them. Not longer, they were mourning couple coming to his shop. They had just lost their daughter. Somehow Bill thought that this couple was the one. He asked if the couple wanted to take care of Mina and guarantee her future. He then told about his sickness. The couple agreed and they said when they could take Mina. Bill asked one more day to be with her beloved daughter. He made Mina ready to separate from him. The day came, the couple was there. Bill was worried Mina couldn’t be separated from him. He also was worried about Mina’s future. But somehow, Mina got along with the couple after they gave her a blue parasol. And he realized that Mina was going to be okay.

    From this story, Bill shows how great he is to be a father. I think he’s a responsible man and husband. After his wife’s dead, he responsibly takes care of Mina. When he finds out about his sickness, and he knows that Mina can’t be with him, he worries about his daughter’s future. And he gives his best effort to make sure that Mina will live with good family. Parasol signs protection. It’s a symbol in this story which is telling the readers that by showing the couple give Mina a blue parasol suggests that Mina is in good hand.

  8. “Bill” by Zona Gale

    Bill’s story is one of those stories that make us reflect and think primarily about our lives, and here is where takes place a very important question : what would you do knowing that you have few months of life? Many people maybe will think of fun, spend money, pleasure, dance, and many others only will think with calm without thinking at that time. But Bill went further, and more when he had so many problems in his life, his wife was dead and had a few months of life and the only person which he counted was his little daughter and he would not let her alone, and worst of all he did not have anyone to look for her and make it charges of her . Bill knew this situation, even if he decided to try to do the best to make your daughter feel happy during the last months of life and never thought of that he will die., He cooked, dressed her, took her to school, little things in our society today almost any father do, and finally takes the hardest decision of all trying to give her up for adoption to find the best family, reasons why this man becomes a hero for me , not only for his daughter, but to many people he is a prime example of life , which not only lets us get to reflect,he left for me a teaching,to live each day as if it were the last day, trying to make the best of each one, in everything, in our studies, work, sharing happy moments with our family and friends without thinking of the suffering, to do the best of each one and trying to make others happy. That is give sense to our life, life is based on small details, and this man become his life no into something small but in something very big.

  9. Rudolf Octavianus

    “A Cat in the Rain” by Ernest Hemingway.

    In this story, a young American wife is immersed in a town of strangers alongside her husband. On a rainy day, his wife feels so lonely and neglected by her husband. Her mission is unsuccessful at first. But she wants to protect a little kitten from the rain and a dog and then she never give up to get permission from her husband to have a pet. But her husband seems to be annoyed by that and not interested at all.At the end of the story there is a knock on the door and the maid stands their holding a cat for the American woman in her hands. Altogether I would say that the woman of the story are the problems that a relationship has, when one partner becomes dominant or repressive and the other is trying to change and improve the situation. If they are aware of their problems they might be able to save their marriage, but if they do not recognize that their relationship will become more and more like the depressive weather in this story, until there will be winter when their love will die.

  10. “Bill” by : Zona Gale

    Bill is a story that illustrates daily life of a father who is in the living dead life and tries his best for his daughter named Minna. As a single parent, he struggles his life by himself. His carpenter shop supports his daily life needs. He is a hard worker father as well who loves his daughter very much. By having a huge love, he is willing to sacrifice his life only for his daughter. You can imagine if you were Bill, how deep of sadness you would have when you have to let someone that you love should go with other people and you would be alone facing the rest of your life with a disease you have.

    By reading a short story of Bill, Zona Gale brings us to the real experience of life when we have to continue to strive the life in any kinds of condition. In addition, love with its power can make someone stronger and never gives up to face the problems.

  11. Waowwww I do really loved the Bill story sir, the single parent who loved his daughter as much as possible, for making her happy but I don’t know how’s Zona Gale made Bill as a pathetic figure.

    The best part (had made me so dramatic) in this story is when he made an excuse to his daughter when his daughter want to kiss him

    Actually I learned from this story for being patient when many things happened doesn’t like my control event it is so hard to leave our happiness, but when we know the happiness found they happily someday it will good for us

  12. This is my analysis about “Bill”

    Story by Zona Gale is absolutely amazing, I love the way she writes, I mean she completely captures every single aspect of the story and without being subjective, she actually gets you to feel like if you were part of it.
    The story of Bill is so moving, it kind of reminds me that nothing can be perfect and sometimes we have sacrifice ourselves and let go someone just because in such a way things would be better for everyone.

    This story is really hard, I mean, a single man trying to raise his daughter, but he is always thinking about how his wife would do things. He tries so hard and when he is finally getting used to that, he discovers he has a disease so he would not be able of taking care of his little daughter no longer. That was for sure a punch in the face, but at the end I think he makes a good decision by letting Minna go with a family that resembles his own.

    I enjoyed so much this story, it makes me think what would i do if i were in that position, besides, it keeps some mystery, it never says how did Bill’s wife died or which illness Bill suffered, so that’s an aspect that help me as a reader to let me mind fly as hight as possible just to try to give more sense to the story.

  13. Cat in the rain (Hemingway)
    Through this story, Hemingway wants to tell us about the woman who did not get any care from her husband, George. Starting with the activities in a hotel in Italy, and it was raining heavily. George red a book, and his wife looked out the window and she saw a cat which was hiding under the table. The woman wanted to have that cat, but her husband did not pay attention with what she wants.

    For me, George was not a good husband because he did not care of his wife. Even though, she wants to be treated well as a woman, who wants to have long hair and the cat represent the children. Sometimes a lot of men do as George did, and I think this story successfully represented the feelings of the women who are treated as same as George’s wife.

    The main point is to foster the family must be a balancing affection between husband and wife, in order to create a harmonious family life.
    I think that is all about my respond, thank you so much Sir !

  14. After I read this short story, this nice and sad story tells us about how unpredictable life is and how suddenly it could change our points of view or just our own decisions. In my opinion, Bill is Mina’s heroes. He gave his life for her, looked after her and the future of hers. On the other hand, this a writing which a really great short story that leaves me many lessons. The first lesson is: Even though a loved person dies, we must rise up and continue fighting for ours welfare and the people that surround us. Another important lesson is that life every day is a test in making decisions, many times we make good decisions or bad, but we never know if the consequences will be positive or negative. Finally, to me the most significant lesson that captured my attention is: A father, an excellent father always wants the best for their children, no matter if they have to turn them over to other parents, what matters is the happiness and good future of his child.

  15. That story of bill is can be example and idol for many people, because his effort to enlarge his child very good (as single parents). Suddenly he ills and his life is only six months. Although his life is only short, but he still think the future of his child and he made a good decision about who will adopt his child for example he didn’t choose a rich man but he chooses a good man who have kind-hearted.

  16. After I read the story of ‘Bill’ by Zona Gale. I think this story is touching because in this story describes about the hope a father named ‘Bill’ which now single parents his life was just for several months. Bill wants his daughter happiness even though it is impossible for him but Bill always tried to keep Minna his daughter can get happiness.
    This story gives advice to all us especially as a child we should be able to respected parents because however parents will always give the best for us.

  17. Cat in the rain
    this story is about the relationship of american couple. Their relationship got unfriendly. The american wife seems so lonely even though she has husband. They did not complete each other. The american wife expected the freedom for doing and expressing everything that she wanted to do and needed respects of her husband. They can not find a mutual base for their relationship and that makes her bored by him and him annoyed by her. When she saw a cat crouched under one of the dripping green tables. She wanted to have the cat so much. Those words are meant that she feels the need for something to care for or needs something(pet) to share her feelings. Cat and the american wife have similarity in this story, both of them attempt to make theirselves comfort in their lives.

  18. Dear Mr. Parlin.

    Cat in the Rain by Ernest Miller Hemingway tell about the domestic life of a married couple who are less harmonious. Hemingway use imagery to express the meaning of his story. In “cat in the Rain”, Hemingway use “Cat” and “Rain” to express his meaning. Cat express the wife in this story and rain express the wife’s feeling. I think, in the age at the time of this story is created, an unmarried woman is considered to have no right. Therefore, a married woman must obey her husband’s wishes, because fringe benefits were married. We can look to the husband’s response when the wife express her desire to her husband.

    Wife wanted have cat because she want he wanted the warmth, because her husband can’t give her warmth. In this story, the wife sad when she look the cat under the rain, because she felt the cat’s suffered the same fate with him, cold, without the protection of people and warmth. Her husband is very cool, he ignores his wife’s wishes. The wife really need people that can care and listen her aspiration and opinion, but she know, she can’t so she really wanted a cat to accompany her life.

    The message from this story is, in married life, it helps us pay attention and listen to each other between one another.

    Thank u, Sir

  19. A Cat In The Rain

    This story tells about the disharmony of married couple. Where in this story, the husband doesn’t care about his wife’s wishes ( Where she want her husband help her to help the cat from the rain). In this story, the wife hope the husband can help herself and care to herself, but the husband just busy with his own interests, such as choosing to read book. Even though the wife get the help or get the attention from the other people, but in the heart, the wife would be happier if the husband give her the help and attention to herself.

    For me, this story is very interesting and touching. Perhaps in real life we can see, there are many couples who are less so harmonious. However, from this story we can learn that as a married couple, good communication should be established, there are more loving care and attention to each other. As a couple, we must know and realize the desire or the desires of our spouse. In life husband and wife no longer their own interests, but complement each other.

    Thank you Sir…

  20. ” Bill ”

    Bill is responsible father when he know that his old only a few months he just think about Minna even when his wife was dead. Bill was very love Minna he always remembered the doll and the kiss bill is Minna’s habit. One day Bill know that his age not longer, until he made the announcement to look people who want to adopt Minna and then Bill found people who want to adopt Minna, now Bill feel calm because he believe that with his parents now Minna will get all needs and good education when Bill separate with Minna Bill just look Minna with hope Minna never called his again. This is happy ending to Bill

    In this story we got a lesson that if we be single parents we must like Bill he sacrifices his life for his child so also with us as a child so we should love our parents because sacrifice our parents more for us.

  21. I think the “Cat in the Rain” written by Hemingway’s is about the American couple’s relationship. Where in this story, the author uses the metaphor of ‘a cat that was curled up under the water droplets.’ This parable is used to convey about the disharmony in the American couple’s relationship. Where she felt lonely because her husband was too busy with his own affairs, and never paying attention to him. He wanted someone’s attention to himself. But that he could not get from her husband. Until he met with the owner of the hotel where she and her husband stay. He felt that he had never felt before with her husband. And should it be she got from her own husband and not from others.

  22. I have read the story of Bill by Zona Gale. It’s telling about the sacrifice of a father to look after his little daughter by himself without his wife who was died when he was thirty. Bill always to do everything to make her little daughter “Minna” become happy and pride of him. He works as a carpenter. He is hard working and he always cooks the food by himself for his little daughter. He always teaches for his little daughter that we must be strong and keep spirit when the troubles come in our life. When he has a serious disease, he wants that his little sister adopted to the others. Although it’s very difficult for him caused he loves his daughter but He has to do it because he wants his little daughter to gets happiness in the future.

    This story gives me the message that all of the parents are going to give the best for their children. They will do everything to make their children are happy and pride of them. And we must be spirit when the troubles come in our life.

  23. I’m very touched by the story of Bill which is written Zona Gale. This story is very touching because it describes a father who sacrifices for his children.
    It tells about a father named Bill who really love her daughter, Minna. He did everything to please his daughter. Because of a disease, he must give up his daughter to be adopted by others. Bill wanted his daughter to find happiness, although Minna could not be with him again.
    The moral of this story is the parents will always make sacrifices so their children could be happy in any conditions.

  24. Hello, sir!

    I choose the story written by Zona Gale entitled “Bill”. The story is touching for me. After I read it, in my opinion, this story tells about the hope of a family that already have no mother, where behind every sorrow there must be joy. Although he felt lonely, he stillcontinues to live and love his daughter named Minna.

    The message for me; this story gives advice to us that we should love one another in our families. In the story we can see the struggle of a father to his daughter. He still care for and keep her well.

    This story also reminds us that when we feel sad, we should be grateful, always pray to God. We must believe that the future is beautiful. we can reduce our grief and hope that there is still a better future in each of our lives, especially in the family. In this story, his father is ill but he remained strong and try to keep him save his sadness because he was sick.

  25. For the message, I think that we have to do our best for our beloved people even it is hard and painful for us

  26. Zona Gales’s “Bill” is telling about the life of the father that didn’t have a wife anymore, he had to take care his little daughter by himself. When he worked as a carpenter, she played lonely. As she sang she was little girl, her father answered her that she is big girl. With this, he wanted his little girl became a “strong” big girl. In one side, he wanted his little girl had a good future in her life, so he tried to give his best to her. In the other hand, he had a serious illness, he thought that his life was not longer anymore. Then, he made an advertisement to get someone to take care his little girl. Finally, there was one family came to them and adopted the little girl as they daughter. Then, they brought her from him but she didn’t remember to turn and wave her hand. It was hard and unhappy parting for him.

  27. Roimma Limbong

    Grandfather’s Coins (Pedro Pablo)
    “Grandfather’s coins” is a short story to teach children how to effectively manage their own money.

    Message : A little money well spent can achieve a lot more than we had imagined, especially if it helps us to learn and develop ourselves.

  28. Roimma Limbong
    He is hopeless man, and got high stress, depressed and frustrated by his sickness. He was easy to give up. When he heard a diagnosed from the doctor, it’s like a final execution for him. Though he should have more passion for trying to heal for the sake of her daughter, so he is not easy to just hand over his daughter to another family. Bill includes people who are less wise and hasty in making decisions, for example when she gave her child to others it is only seen from the appearance of others. Without seeing the family background and personality are deeper.
    Message : In facing the problem should be more prudent, do not rush to make decisions, have to think about the consequences. Do not judge a person’s outward appearance. (Don’t judge a book from its cover)

  29. zone gale’s “Bill”

    This story is very touching to me. It tells the story of a father struggles to support his daughter by himself. although he did not have a wife to be with him but he was able to support her daughter. he is very happy to support her daughter, so she will be happy later. however, the weak condition made ​​him worried about his daughter. he did not want her daughter to know the actual situation because his daughter was still young. This story reminds me of my father who was very excited to fight for our future. in any pain when he was still fighting for our future. he didn’t want us to know his real condition, even he was lying if his condition was okay. by that, we’ve just realized that a father can do anything just for giving happiness for his children.

    so, this story is very touching me and also those who read it.

  30. Cat in the Rain” is a famous short story written by Hemingway’s. In this story, the writer used the metaphor, lonely cat standing under the rain to convey to the readers that the relationship of the American couple is in crisis and isolation. They are unhappy couple. The title of the short story does not give us a specific picture the story refers to at first because in fact the content of the story is not about a cat and rain. However, the image “rain” implies coldness. Normally as we know, in Hemingway’s works “rain” is served as a potent symbol of the inevitable disintegration of happiness in life. Especially in the context of rain, there is a cat, which seems lonely. I think this story is touching heart because her husband often ignore and are indifferent to his wife and his wife want rescued a cat that is in the rain but her husband don’t care to her. She wanted a friend and she saving the cat in the rain.

  31. Cat in the rain is a short story about a young woman fighting for her marriage because her husband, who often ignore and are indifferent to his wife. because the wife was not having friends and then he rescued a cat that is in the rain.
    The cat represents what she wants in her marriage, affection and compassion, and the rain signifies the struggles she is willing to go through to better her marriage, even if it means getting wet in the process.
    The “American girl” believes this is a challenge she alone has to endure. She desperately wanted the cat, “I wanted it so much,” but more so, she wanted change in her marriage and change in her appearance. The “American wife” receives what she wanted, an outlet to express her affections, but in fact, it would not help her marriage.
    I think this story is very touching because every wife might want to attention more from her husband. In this story the wife wanted to fight for her marriage in order not to falter. therefore she wanted a friend and she saving the cat in the rain. so she did not feel alone.positive thinking and open to the couple can provide a good life.

  32. Zona Gale’ s Bill is talking about how fight a father or the struggle of a father toward his daughter’s life for her better future because he knows that he’ll not be with her. In this story we can see how a man without wife try to keep his life and her little daughter by doing such all things in his family. He gave his best to his only daughter as he can be. When something happend to his life that made him couldn’t live longer anymore because of his sickness he couldn’t stop thinking of what he should do to his daughter’s life, even though it was a very hard situation for him but he tried not to show it to his daughter.
    This short story’ll touch the heart who read it. If we’re in this situation maybe we can lost our mind, we do not know what to do or maybe we just cry, lament etc. After knowing the situations he taught her as he always said that ‘she is a big girl’ , this means he trained her to understand big girl like her will not always stay with her dad, he trained her to be usual living without him.
    We can learn also from this story, that even though a bitter situation comes upon our live, do not stop to create something good that can effect our people surrounded us. Keep positive thinking for all that comes to our life.

  33. After I read the short story of “Bill”, the feeling that I feel first is I am so touched, especially in the ending of the story which Bill let his Little Minna went with the man and woman who addopted her. Little Minna who did not know anything just walked and enjoyed her blue parasol and blue silk so she forgot to wave her hand and say goodbye to Bill who left behind alone. To read this story and imagine if the story happens in reality makes us feel sorrowful.
    This story actually tells about the man, named Bill – a carpenter with his child – little Minna who should fight in living together after his wife`s dead. How Bill ought to manage his shop, house and his child together everyday. He did the household`s activities like sweeping, washing, cleaning and cooking by himself, moreover he also mended Minna`s doll. He actually could get in married again but he did not do that. Although he sometimes did those activities not perfectly, he did that with happiness and wanted to make his little Minna always felt happy and save with him. He indeed took a kitten so Minna didn`t feel lonely, how a lovely father! In his prayer he asked the Lord to make him do right for his child. Their togetherness finally should be ended when one day Bill got sick and it happened for six months without get any better, even doctor claimed that his life was just for several months. In his ill, he just thought about little Minna. He wanted to give to their family but it was impossible for they had their own activities. For that reason and his loving for his little Minna, he finally decided to give his child for nice people to adopt her through advertisement in city paper.
    Something that I can get from this story is do the best for our beloved people though sometimes we cannot do it perfectly and also I would like to appreciate and say my thanks to everyone who has made something best for me. We do not know until when we can be together.

  34. “A Cat in the Rain” by Ernest Hemingway.

    In this story, a young American wife is immersed in a town of strangers alongside her husband. On a rainy day, the wife feels extremely lonely and neglected by her husband. To ease her pain, the woman turns all of her attention to rescuing a little kitten from the rain. Her mission is unsuccessful at first, but ultimately the kitten is found and the woman joyously gains a new companion.

    The text maintained by attention because I felt so deeply for the young American wife. I can only imagine how hard it must have been for her to be submerged in a foreign country and to feel so alone without the comfort of her husband. In addition, I was saddened by the thought of an abandoned kitten! Both the woman and kitten seemed like such a perfect match for each other that I anxiously read this story in hopes of seeing them through to their union.

    She felt lonely and wanted companionship so she decided to purchase a pet rabbit. I have mixed views on this matter for I believe that it is of utmost importance for one to find company within themselves. In terms of both my friend and her bunny and Hemingway’s woman and her kitten, if both felt comfortable with themselves, neither would have had such a desperate need for a pet. When we have achieved such a glorious state of self-content, a new companion or pet may become a bright-spot in our lives, but until that point, we are simply covering our pain with temporary distraction.

  35. “A Cat in the Rain” by Ernest Hemingway.

    In this story, a young American wife is immersed in a town of strangers alongside her husband. On a rainy day, the wife feels extremely lonely and neglected by her husband. To ease her pain, the woman turns all of her attention to rescuing a little kitten from the rain. Her mission is unsuccessful at first, but ultimately the kitten is found and the woman joyously gains a new companion.

    I was saddened by the thought of an abandoned kitten! Both the woman and kitten seemed like such a perfect match for each other that I anxiously read this story in hopes of seeing them through to their union. One is the question of whether there are one or two cats in the story, and the second is the question of whether the wife wants to have a baby or whether she is already pregnant.

    She felt lonely and wanted companionship so she decided to purchase a pet rabbit. if both felt comfortable with themselves, neither would have had such a desperate need for a pet. When we have achieved such a glorious state of self-content, a new companion or pet may become a bright-spot in our lives, but until that point, we are simply covering our pain with temporary distraction.

  36. Dear all attendees of Literature 2,

    Read Zona Gale’s “Bill” and Hemingway’s “Cat in the Rain”. Then post your reader-response on one of them (you are free to choose either “Bill” or “Cat in the Rain”) as a reply below this post.

    Good Luck.

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