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Reader Response


Parlindungan Pardede

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Reader response is a type of essay used to express a thoughtful reaction to what (poem, short story, novel essay, or other forms of text) someone has read. It is based on the theory that the individual creates her or his own meaning through a “transaction” with the text based on personal associations. Reader response is therefore more than just a summary. It expresses an individual reader’s own view on a text and how s/he sees her/his role as a reader. To produce a reader response essay, rather than relying on other person (a teacher or critic) to give her/him a single, standard interpretation of a text, the reader learns to construct her/his own meaning by connecting the textual material to issues in her/his lives and describing what s/he experiences as s/he reads.

Since a reader response stresses the importance of the reader’s role in interpreting texts and all readers bring their own emotions, concerns, life experiences, and knowledge to their reading, no reader response essay will emerge identical with another. Twenty students assigned to respond to a single text will produce twenty subjective and unique reader response essays. Although these essays are varied in ideas, as far as they are written in the correct format, all of them could be accepted as adequate interpretation.

The length of a reader response essay is quite relative. It could be some hundreds to some thousands words long, depending on the complexity of the text responded and the depth of the expected response. Despite that, it generally consists of three basic components, but each section can consist of more than one paragraph.

Section one is used as an introductory part in which necessary information about the text and its author is identified. This section generally starts with a brief summary of the text, which covers the title, author’s name, and his/her main point—i.e. theme, main message, or central idea of the work. The summary should therefore not retell everything that happened in the work. It should express what the reader thinks the author is trying to get across.

Section two is the core of a reader response essay for it shows its writer’s reading thinking. This section comprises a good part of the reader’s response.  The reader may need to return to the work s/he read and notes the points s/he marked as significant.  She/he should pick one that s/he “connected” with and write a response to it/them.  S/he can copy part of the passage into her/his essay (using quotes when needed) or just paraphrase the idea s/he thought was the most engaging.  S/he should respond to the idea of the passage, but does not simply summarize the reading.  S/he should think about how the passage s/he chose relates to the author’s main point (from section one). It is best to try to stick to one specific point instead of trying to include everything the author addresses. That point, however, should be completely developed.

Section three reflects the writer’s goal as a reader. This is the place where s/he reacts to the point(s) analyzed in section two. S/he does this by answering some of the following questions. Is it a point I agree with?  Did it remind me of something else I have read or heard?  Does it remind me of any current issues or problems?  Does it motivate me to read other works by this author, or not? Why or why not? To whom would you recommend this text?

To see how these concepts work in a reader response essay, look at the following example. It is written after I finished reading Jason Bocarro’s short story entitled A Long Walk Home.


Reader Response to Jason Bocarro’s A Long Walk Home

On the surface level, Bocarro’s A Long Walk Home is about teen’s tendency to rebel against their parents. But there is something special A Long Walk Home since it reveals that the one to blame for teen’s dishonesty is not the teen but the parent. In the story, Jason tries to hide his dereliction from his father by telling a lie. His father discovers Jason’s dishonesty and is very disappointed. However, instead of being angry to Jason, he punishes himself for realizing that he has failed bringing Jason up. This becomes “one of the most painful lessons” in Jason’s life. It is also the most successful on: he never lied to his father since.

A Long Walk Home is probably the short story that touched me the most. It reminds me the experiences while I passed through this stage of rebellion against my parents. I remember, for instance, I ever told my parents I had to do a project at a classmate’s house when we were actually just hanging out. I also sometimes told them I was busy doing many home works in my bedroom in order to avoid helping my mother do house works. These little snippets of dishonesty all accumulate to guilt. It seemed to me that my parents never discovered the truth. However, any time I realized how my father worked hard to suffice our needs, or when I realized how my mother still try her best to cheer each of her children, I felt that guilt became more and more irritating. Sometimes I wanted to tell them the truth, but I felt ashamed to do so. I just compensated this urge by becoming honest to them.

The point that “shocked” me in A Long Walk Home is the scene when Jason’s father punishes himself for believing that Jason’s dishonesty is due to his failure to educate him. I cannot imagine how I should have responded if my parents blamed and punished themselves for my dishonesty. Although I managed to be as honest as possible to my parents until I live my “nest”, this scene leaves me with the feeling that I wished I could tell them that I was very sorry.

I think this story will affect other people in the way it ‘touched’ me. So I recommend every teenager to read and learn from it.


  1. Dear Sir,
    Below is my response to the story of Grandfather’s Coins

    Grandfather’s coins is a short story about the advice that every person should learn to live frugally since an early age, like a wise saying “Economy is the easy chair of old age” (Hemat Pangkal Kaya). In the short story is depicted miscellaneous nature of a person in managing the money he had since childhood and how his life later in the future. People who like extravagant, are described as Ruben and Nico, the two smallest kids, paid no attention, and they continued spending it all on sweets. That they could no longer stand to keep saving their money.
    While people who learn to live frugally since childhood are described as Julia. She is the main character in this story and who has a secret plan. She is described as a child from a poor family, but she remained strong, diligent, patient and never gives up, has learned to manage the money she had to develop her hobby of playing the violin from fiddle street musician and eventually became an outstanding violinist. She surprised everyone by turning up at the grandparents’ house with a violin and a lot of money. What was even more impressive was hearing her play.
    In addition, this story is written in a popular style and easy to understand. After reading this story I learn a lot about life experience, that I don’t ever ignore my parents’ advice on how to learn life-saving. I highly recommend this short story to anyone, especially children, so that they learn to live frugally since childhood.

    By : Overman Gea

  2. Grandfather’s Coins
    The “Coins” reminds me to a Bible story which a landlord gave some money to his workers and observed what they did to their money. In this story two kids directly spent their money for sweets. The two other kids planned to keep their money. But they changed their mind when they saw the first two kids. They decided to spend their money for sweets as well. A kid named Monty managed his money for business. He saved his money and think economically. One day he gambled and lost all his money. A child name Alex seemed the wisest among them. He saved his money to win the competition. Wanting some sweets, he bought the cheaper ones so he could save more money. Seeing his attitude, his cousins were motivated to follow such nice attitude.

    The difference of this story is about a child named Julie. It seemed that Julie couldn’t save her money because she didn’t have any savings. People didn’t have any clue why she couldn’t save her money. The interesting part is that actually she spent her money to pay a violinist she found in the park. Her dream was being a violinist. When she found out this guy, she said how eager she was to learn violin until she didn’t care to win the competition. The violinist could sense her talent and gave her a chance. She practiced diligently and showed how she was really persistent. Then she could play duet with her trainer in the park. Her family knew what she wanted, but they didn’t know she was working on it. So her family bought her a violin. On the other hand, she bought herself a violin from her savings. After reading this story, I say Julie is wiser than Alex, because she pursue her dream by sacrifice one thing to get bigger thing in her life. She shows her persistence in reaching her dream. Besides, why do you need much money in savings if we don’t develop ourselves for our future?

  3. Dear Mr.Parlin

    I’m sorry for my late respond sir..
    I choose grandfather’s coin because the story is give more education especially for me and children..Pedro’s grandfather’s coin is tell about how to manage own money. When grandchild get money from their grandfather, their parents teach them to save their money by making a special test. Some of them can’t save their money and spent their money to buy candy,lollypop,etc. But some of them success to save their money although some of them who success can’t save their money until a year.

    I get the message from this story,it teaches us to use money as possible and buy something that could be useful for our dreams. We must also be able to control our money not otherwise controlled by money.

    thx Mr.Parlin..

  4. Rudolf Octavianus

    In the first sentence, the story tells about children ‘s life how they have effort or willingness to achieve their dreams come true. In this story from side of the julia ‘s life, from the beginning story for her, she is a poor violinist and she always play it in the park. and then she doesn’t have much money to study at the musical school and she doesn’t have enough time to prepare for achievement of her dream come true. but she never give up to finish what she has had special dream. For the first some of them can stand their own way, but at the end they couldn’t and made them failed. But there is an exciting children in this story, Julia. Actually she has her own dream, it seems like that she didn’t save her money well or try to develop it. But she keeps doing it and in the end we can see she how great the result of her willingness. This story is similar with my experience. When I was a child, I can’t save my money from my mother. I always play station with my friend. I receive from my mother everyday at least Rp. 5000. I always spent it at all per day. But actually, I realize that I can’t depend on my mother. So, I have to save my money for my dream. In the end, I can save my money from I was junior high school until I was a student in UKI. I get much more money at least one million rupiahs. So, I think that this story teaches us to be more mature and realize what we have done for every months.

  5. I think this story was talking about confidence.

    when granpa gave some coins of money to his grandchildren,they use it only for bought something that they like, but their parents didn’t like it, so they make a change how the children use the coing well.
    some children (ruben, nico, clara and joe) cann’t use it well, because I think they are still children and childist
    Monty is clever boy but he was willing to spend money just for his hobby
    Alex too clever in managing its finances, he still buy his favorite but he also could save money
    it’s diffrent with Julia, she knows how to use coins of money correctly, so she gets what he wants include her talent to play violin.
    the conclusion is if someone believe you to do something, you must do it well, because anything that you do increase your future ( fate is your future) and will have its benefit for yourself and other people. like Bible said in Matthew 25 : 21 ” his lord said to him ‘well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord’ ”
    so, you have to do it dilligently,so that we can see our talents.

  6. Grandfather’s coin was really touching me, the grandfather in this case like many grandfathers in the real life who always make his grandchildren to be happy. Coin is a something for a children who makes they happily, for buying some sweet or anything, I do like too with the parents do for their children, make their children to be responsibility for their money from their grandfather, the parents teach them to manage their money useful not only to buy sweets or gum and shopping but also to save their money.

    Half from them like ruben nico clara joe monthy and alex manage their money for buying anything they need but they made some exchange to use their money to be something, they found means of save their money for a quality condition. But in this case Juli one from his grandchildren to late too understand the useful from the competition, she actually spent her money to buy many things,and she know she had a plan but she forgot with her plan, and when someday she remember with her talent but she can’t to make her talent without money, when she used the coin from her grandfather to realize her dream

    For me I really interest with this story I learned for being someone who made anything stand on my own self event I get many things from my grandfather from my parent it will be clear and finished when I’m not use it with clearly too.

    Best regard

  7. Pedro’s grandfather’s coin is tell about how to manage own money. When grandchild get money form their grandfather, their parents teach them to save their money by making a special test. Some of them don’t pay the attention and spent their money to buy sweets. However, some of them success to save their money although some of them who success can’t save their money until a year. Julia spent her money to learn a violin and she become a famous violinist.

    the story teach me for 2 things. First, we must use our money for the precious things or the necessary things, because many people use their money only for their happiness at the moment. They don’t use it for the something that can change their life. Money can control the people if they are not wise to use it. Second, the good chance available for everyone who want to get it, included for someone that irrespective with others. So we must use the chance to get our dream.

  8. Dear Mr Parlin

    first of all I want to apologize for my late working on assignments, because I fall asleep in one hour before the deadline, please dont be mad to me sir 🙂
    I’m very interesting with the Grandfather’s Coins, the story is very educated. I learn about a little money well spent can achieve a lot more than we had imagined, especially if it helps us to learn and develop ourselves, because usually children just think how to spent it, not for save and use it in the best way it can be. Like Ruben, Nico, Clara, Joe, and Alex in the story they just spent it not to think to use it in the best way the coins can be. But i learn a special think in this story, when the parents made a competition, Julia do the unique ways, she has her own dream, maybe she didn’t save her money well or try to develop it. Moreover, she has to spend it. But she keep doing it and at the end Julia surprised everyone by turning up at the grandparents’ house with a violin and a lot of money.

  9. Hello Mr, I’ll try about Grandfather’s coin:
    I’m interested for this story. A Grandfather give competition for his grandchild. And I think this competition has some benefit for his grandchild to lesson how we manage money. But, all of them just Julia be a winner in this competition. With patience and perseverance she is collecting the coin’s for dream that she want to get. The short story of Gandfather’s coin tell about how we manage money with motivation by myself. Patience and perseverance are the keys of an expectation that all our dreams achieved. In this story there are some lessons we can take. that is the key to success is patience and perseverance. All the sacrifices we would not be in vain. Thanks Mr.

  10. Hi, sir!

    I choose Grandfather’s Coins written by Sacristan. First, this story tells us about parents who give coins to children to conduct special test during one year with the aim that the children know how to manage their coins. The division of the coins is done at grandfather and grandmother’s home, and the coins had given to Julia and her cousins.

    Second, I was able to distinguish the character of the children. Ruben and Nico spent coins by buy candies. They took Clara and Joe to buy candies too. So, the coins that belongs to Ruben, Nico, Clara, and Joe out. This illustrates the people who spend coins without think the future. Monty can set the coins by bet with the other children in the card game. However, in the end he lost a bet on horse races so that the coins out. In my opinion, Monty was a brave boy who tried to take bets. In my opinion, Alex is a boy who can collect the coins. The change from by candy, he used it to buy toy. He knows how to keep the rest of his money. Julia is a child who likes the violin. So, she exchange coins with the violin. She plays violin with her friend in the park. So, she gets a lot of results. In fact, she became a very famous violinist.

    This story is very interesting. I like Julia’s character in this story. Through a favorite with the violin, she managed to arrange the coins. By the coins, her dream can come true. This story gives advice for us that we must organize and manage money well. We must be careful, patient, and careful for something that given to us.

    Thank you.

  11. Sacristan’s “Grandfather’s Coins” is describing story about how the children managed their money to make something useful. Firstly, the grandfather would give his coins to all the children, so they could spend the coins to buy everything according to themselves. Other parents assumed it was not good for them. Then they made a competition to see what the children did to manage these coins.

    The children had different ways to manage their money one another. Many of them failed to manage their money. They spent their money to buy everything but they forgot to save it. On the contrary, one of them, Julia surprised everyone with her success. She was very interested to play violin but she knew that her family couldn’t help her to have violin lesson. Julia tried to save her coins to have a lesson with poor violinist in the park. She spent her money to learn the lesson with him. Finally, she could play violin very well and brought a lot of money and also she became a very famous violinist.

    The point that we can get from this story is being success need a sacrifice, we have to give something from our life even it is small thing, and the result is our dreams come true.

  12. Dear Mr. Parlin .

    Grandfather’s coin by Pedro Pablo Sacristan tell about save and manage money. In this story, we can see that children love gums, so they very excited when their grandfather gave their some money. Usually they spend their money with buy some gums, but their family look it is bad habit for their children, so they make a special test to their children. The price is for who can save and manage their money get few coins. Some of the children do not do the test, they spend their coin to buy some sweet. But, Monty, Alex and Julia is different, they do the test.

    In this story, I want to emphasize to Julia. In first year, she didn’t do the test, because she have a plan to spend her money to learn violin. She learn violin with poor violinist and gave her money to him. One day she plays violin in front of their family and their family surprised when hear that. Finally, their family help her to become violinist.

    In this story, we can learn two point. One, if we have dream, don’t afraid to get that, for example Julia realize her dream of becoming a violinist with the learning with poor violinist because their family can’t help her to get her dream, and finally she can play violin and their family help her to get her dream. Two, if we can manage and saved our money well, we can use it to get something that more important in my life. So, Let’s learn to get dream and don’t forget to save our money.

    Thank you Sir .

  13. The ‘Grandfather`s coins’ tells about some children who get some coins from their grandfather when they have had meal time with all family. After get the money usually the children directly spend on sweets or something they like to eat that time. The grandfather and the whole family think that it is not good to give some coins regularly without the children can manage or save them. Finally they decide to make a test to know how the children manage their coins. There are some children who immediately spend their coins that day without saving, the others use to make a business or to win the race. But there is one, named Julia who does different thing than others. She uses her coins to learn how to play a violin by learning with a poor violinist in the park. For the first, she thinks that her secret plan will not get success, but finally her plan makes whole family are impressive for her performance to play a violin.
    In this case, Julia wants to make something different although it will spend much time and the coins are not too much, even sometimes it can make a doubt, will it get success or not? She handles all the risk! At the time she meet a poor violinist in the park and she can manage the situation with what she has. She has the luck that she know the kind and honest violinist who like to teach her because of Julia`s desire and interest of playing a violin though he gets not much coins from Julia. Both of them mutually give one another so they can get the success together.
    From this story we can reach the matters that how to manage our money wisely although it is not much. Then, to know or have an ability, we must first have the interest and desire on what we want to learn or know then the ways to gain what we interest will appear. I say here of course is the good and useful ability. To success or to win a competition does not be in short time, especially if it is learning process. In the other hand, we also must have good interaction with all people, rich or poor because who knows that they one time can make us be the success one.

  14. Grandfather’s Coins….

    Grandfather’s coins tell about a grandfather who gives a coin to his grandchild that coins should they use to buy something at the figures Nico and Ruben when they get their coins directly to spend their money to buying candy, and lollipop. Clara and Joe had they wanted to save their money but because they were seduced by Nico and Ruben finally they spend their money too. Monty almost succeeded but because he uses his money not be carefully and always played horse race he eventually lost, Alex has been successfully used with either coins he just waiting to win the competition. In this story I was interested in Julia, she does not know what she should do even though she already had a beautiful plan. Julia needed to be a violinist, but her family didn’t have the money eventually she learned from the violinist in the park she collect coins to buy a violin.

    From this story we can get the best lesson that: money is not everything if we have desires and dreams we can get it although we do not have much money.

    Thank You Sir……

  15. Grandfather’s Coins

    I’m very interesting with the Grandfather’s Coins. Where the Grandfather’s Coins tells about the children habits who the children can’t to manage their money. Usually, the children spend their money to buy candy or toys. But in this story, the grandfather made a competition to the grandchildren to manage their money and use their money for the important things. I’m very interesting with Alex and Julia, in which they made great effort to show their seriousness in managing their money. Where Alex can to arrange his money to buy candy, toys, but can collect enough money. In addition to Julia, at the first time, she didn’t know what she should do, but with her loving to the violin she could become a famous violinist even though she must to change her coins to the violin. We can see the love of the grandfather to the grandchildren with the competition as the best lesson for the grandchildren. And we can teach from the Julia that to get something (what we want), there must be sacrifice.

    From this story, we can take the best lesson, where we must can to manage ore use our money to the important thing. And to get something for what we want, we must be willing to do anything. In the other hand, the Grandfather’s Coins also give the lesson to us to remind the others to do something best and worthwhile.

    Thank you Sir..

  16. Hi Sir !
    At the first glance, this story is about what the children do in daily life. when the parents give them some money, they think simply how to spent it, maybe buy some sweets and toys, like Ruben, Nico, Clara, Joe, and Alex. But there is a special thing in this story, when the parents made a competition, Monty and Julia do the unique ways. Monty, I think it is so funny when a child is betting to increase his money, as we know betting includes in gambling. How great it is done by a child like Monty. Julia, she never know what should she do to win the competition. She do what she like, I mean the thing that is good to do. Julia adored the violin, so she do something to reach what she adored. That is, she come to the poor violinist and offer him all the coins from her grandfather until she get her own violin and become a very famous violinist.

    This story reminds me about my childhood. When I bought my new bicycle with the coins from my parents. It seems like Julia maybe, I was so happy when I got that. But now, ironically, since I was in senior high school, I can’t save my money to buy something useful like in my childhood. maybe I can repeat what i do in childhood now.

    Yes, the main point which I get from this story is start from the small thing patiently, faithfully, and you will make your dreams come true.
    thank you Sir !

  17. Grandfather’s Coin
    Grandfather always gives his grandchildren some coins when they come to his house. The children always spend their coins to buy something such as chewing gum, lollies, or wine gums. Suddenly, their parents are thinking about it that it never learn to save their money. So they suggest to their children that they should keep their money in a year if they want to get something. Some of the children think to follow their parent’s advise but Ruben and Nico don’t want to do it.
    Julia has a great ambition. She wants to be a violinist. She always keep her money to learn the violin because her parents don’t afford to pay her to have her lesssons. In
    her coins, she can learn the violin, and she can play it by herself. With her ambition, she will be a good violinist. And she gives the surprise to her family that she can be the famous violinist with her coins.

    The message: This story gives me a message that by saving the money or can manage the money well, we’re going to get something in the future.

  18. Grandfather’s coin is a very interesting story and educate. This story tells about the kids who are always given the coins by their grandfather every month. Because the coins are always used to buy sweets so that they must save for a year. Then they compete to show results of the coins in a year. Among Ruben, Nico, Clara, Joe, Alex and Monty, just Julia who managed to become the winner because she could use the coins well for a year. She successfully achieved her goal to become a violinist. Her family is very proud of Julia because she could use her coins well.
    The message of this story: We can learn to use the money well in order to realize our dreams become a reality, although only a few coins. If we try, our dreams will be achieved.

  19. I am very interesting with the story. It is self reaction to much people, especially to me to tell the truth to my parents. In this story, his father gave him punishment to gave him educate him self: better tell the truth than lie. So in the real life, my parents give me punishment when i told the lie because i know my parents teach me as a person whose life the true.

    1. Hi Liline,
      I guess you responded to a wrong short story. Please make sure that you respond to “Grandfather’s Coin” and “Cat in the Rain” or “Bill”. Good luck!

  20. Grandfather would give them a few coins, “so you can buy yourself something.” Then all the children would run off to buy chewing gum, lollies, or wine gums. The grandparents, aunts, uncles, and parents commented that, behaving like this, the children would never learn to manage their money. So they proposed a special test, in which the children would have to show, over the course of a year, just what they could manage to get with those few coins. Some of the children thought that they would save their money, but Ruben and Nico continued spending it all on sweets. Monty was a clever boy, and he decided to start managing his money by exchanging or betting it with other children, in card games. Alex, on the other hand, had a will of iron. There was also Julia. Poor Julia didn’t enjoy the day of the competition, because even though she had had a wonderful secret plan, she had spent her money without giving her plan enough time to work. When she was about to complete the second year of her plan, Julia surprised everyone by turning up at the grandparents’ house with a violin and a lot of money. What was even more impressive was hearing her play. She did it really well. From then on, the whole family helped her, and she became a very famous violinist.
    Moral of the story Grandfather’s Coin is a little money well spent can achieve a lot more than we had imagined, especially if it helps us to learn and develop ourselves. With just a few coins well spent, to make your wildest dreams a reality.

    1. Dear Linda,
      What can I say but “good job”? I appreciate your last paragraph. The idea you express there is interesting. However, please allow me to suggest that you need to be more careful with your expressions. I believe your ideas will sparkle more brightly if you use effective and grammatical sentences. Don’t forget “practice makes perfect.” Good luck!

  21. My analysis about Bill.
    In this short story, Bill was a single parent, He alwayw took care his doughter, Minna. Everything he will do for her, he was agreat father. Taking her to the church on Sundays.
    One day, he got sick and go to the doctor, the docter said that his life just 6 months left. He thought that his doughter will be alone if he die. So he try to make an announcement who is interesting to adopt his little girl. And then after few days, there is one family came with a limousin wanted to adopt his little girl. He thought if minna lived with them, they can quarantee her life. Shw is never be alone.
    In my point of view that every parents in this world will do the best for their children, include Bill.

    1. Hi Riris,
      I think you’ve got most parts of the story. However, I’m afraid you missed some little points. For instance, it seems to me you are not quite sure who finally adopts Minna.Would you please reread the short story and respond again? Good luck.

  22. Dear Mr.Parlin
    This is my analysis about Cat In The Rain
    Cat in the Rain tells about two Americans, they’re husband and wife. They’re in vacation in Italy, they stayed at hotel and it was raining. In that time, outside the hotel the wife saw the cat who tried to keep dry from the rain. The wife American fell pity and she wanted to take tahat cat eventhough it’s raining. She asked her husband and he allowed her. She went to the upstair and asked the hotelkeeper to help her and took an umbrella.
    When she arrived there, the cat was gone. She felt regret because she was late. Then she went back to the hotel and told her husband that the cat was gone. Her husband still read his book, didn’t listen to her. He made her wife felt that her husband never take care about her and never gave what she wants.
    From this short story i get the point taht the wife wanted the changing from her husband. And I think a husband and wife must be complete each other.

    1. Dear Riris,
      I can see that you really understand this story. However, your main point, “the wife wanted the changing from her husband. And I think a husband and wife must be complete each other” is too general. I can’t catch what you mean. I think, it’s a good idea if you provide some supporting details to make it clear.

  23. It tells about the very spirit of a child waiting for his grandfather’s presence to get the coins from his grandfather. With a coin that the children can buy anything desired. But their parents do not like because children will not learn to manage their money properly. So the grandparents and parents agreed propose specific tests for 1 year which is where the kids can set the coins obtained respectively.
    Julia and her cousin tried to try to manage their money well, but unlike his cousin Julia . Julia has a plan to manage the coin. Although the first plan is not satisfactory, he was still struggling. In the second year of the plan, step by step he passed, and managed to get a violin from his hard work and manage money well.
    In this story we can learn how to manage every person in their own money. Anyone can develop and achieve the desired dream like Julia, but some are not like his cousin.
    This story is taught and touched me with hard work, think and have plans and manage money well like Julia who became my role model. We can produce and achieve work / dream that we want a beautiful and successful.

    1. Good point, Feddyance!
      What an interesting response you have written here. However, please allow me to suggest you to be more careful with your expressions. Try to make your sentences more grammatical in the next comments. With effective and grammatical sentences, your idea should have been shining like a jewel.
      Good luck!

  24. Pedro Pablo’s Grandfather’s coins is talking about children ‘s life how they have effort or willingness to make their dreams come true. In this story we can see Julia and her cousins try to do their best in doing such as competition. It begins when their grandpa liked to give them coins every visiting him. Giving coins and let children used it as they want, according to their parents is not quiet good enough. Then they decided to make such as a test, how the children could manage their money. Through this, we can see how’s the children ways to win the test.
    During the test Julia and her cousins have their own way how to win it. For the first some of them can stand for their own way, but at the end they couldn’t and made them failed. But, there is an interesting children in this story, Julia. Actually she has her own dream, it seems like that she didn’t save her money well or try to develop it. Moreover, she has to spend it (because of her dreams). But she keep doing it, and in the end we can she how great the result of her willingness. Sometimes I do this also in my life, when I was child if really want something (maybe toys, books etc) I always try to get it by my self, because I knew if ask it from my parents sometimes its a little bit hard to make it real. That’s why, even I couldn’t spend many with my friends, couldn’t go to canteen its okay for me until I could reach my dreams.
    This story teach us also, not only children, because every small things (steps) that we do if we have a big faith to reach our dreams, it can be.

    1. Dear Sri Darma,
      I can see your point and all I can say is that I agree with you. However, your response will be far better if you emphasize that through Julia, Sacristan means to suggest that spending one’s money on education (skill development) is not a waste but wise investment. Don’t you think so?

  25. Reader Response to Sacristan’s Grandfather’s Coin

    In the first stanza, the story tells about the little children who wait for the arrival of their grandparents, because they want to earn some money or coins. Usually during childhood, the kids are always happy when they get money from family or others. Any money they get, they always spend money just to buy candy. And it’s not good for them. Because if they are always wasteful and never begin to learn to conserve or manage their money, so when they are adults they too will not be able to manage their own finances, or it could be said to be wasteful. And should indeed from the time we were kids, we have been taught by our parents to be able to manage or use our money for things that are more important or useful for us. So if at any time we need the money, we can use it. For example, like Julia, the little time he and his cousin, Ruben, Nico, Clara, Joe, Monthy, and Alex can say they have different properties. Julia instance, he can still achieve his dream of becoming a famous violinist, although initially he had to give a little money to someone else who could play the violin to teach practicing the violin. People were always taught Julia to practice violin for one year, after which they started playing the violin in the park. And from that, Julia finally able to buy a violin for him.

    Grandfather’s Coin this is a story that reminds me of a time when I was a kid. May be said not just me, but even all the people who never felt like my childhood. Where almost every small child if you have any money that money would be used up to buy candy or even small foods, such as: snacks, ice, and others. But to return again with our own self, including in the small children who like what. Is like Julia can live out their dreams with little money? or Ruben and Nico who always spends his money and never tried to learn to save,? Or as Clara and Joe who went along with Ruben and Nico who never could save you and always spend their money until the money runs out? Or even like Monthy a smart save money, but he himself used the money for things that are not important or not good until the money itself also runs out,? Or as Alex can save money, but he also wanted to buy something for himself, but he tried to wait and be patient?

    1. Hi 0812150032,
      So, what’s Sacristan’s main point that affects you the most? Will you rewrite your response by emphasizing on a special idea or message which attracts your thought or feeling?
      Good luck!

  26. Dear attendees of Literature 2,
    As you can see in the syllabus, every attendee of this class should write a reader response to the short stories assigned every week. After studying the article entitled “Reader Response” above, read Sacristan ’s “Grandfather’s Coin” and write your own response and posted as a reply on the space below.
    You can find Sacristan ’s “Grandfather’s Coin” in the appendix section (pp. 54-55) of the module, “The Study of Fiction: An Introduction”, which could be downloaded from https://parlindunganpardede.wordpress.com/2011/09/13/2-the-study-of-fiction-an-introduction/
    Good Luck!

    Parlin Pardede

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